Ever look on the internet and see pictures of furniture and say, "i think i can build that". well i did that :) i saw this coffee table online and i really liked it http://www.upcyclethat.com/crate-coffee-table/2575/ if you dont want to go to the link to take a look at it the picture is posted to see what i am imitating. Built this coffee table over the weekend from scratch. Turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. It cost me roughly $50 build.

Tools: hammer, square, table saw, measuring tape, sander. 120 grit sand paper and 220 grit sand paper.

Materials: 1 1/4in finishing nails, 1" in wood screws, wood glue, 1-16inX21/32X8ft board, 4-2ftX2ft 1/4in plywood, wood stain

Step 1: Cuts

Cut the 8ft board into 8 1ft sections. Cut the 2ftx2ft ply into 4inX2ft strips.
<p>What are the dimensions on the individual crates? I'm making it with a different type of wood and can't exactly match all of the measurements.</p>
love it!
I've been wanting to do this forever lol <br>Pretty good job there ILOVEITTT
what are the thicknesses of the two boards???
The plywood was 1/4 and the board was 23/32
326 Bulldogs right? <br> <br>
Yeah that was my wifes Training Squadron. I Happened to be 323rd Vipers
That's awesome. I think it looks better than the one that inspired it!
Thank you!!! I really appreciate that :)
Beautiful work! It is cheap and very beautiful.
Thank you! and its amazing how much you save when you make things yourself :)
Nice pink crocs! Lol
LoL my wife loves her pink crocs :P
I figure it you wear them, you own them (at least for the purposes of this instructable). <br> <br>
I have the same. For some inexplicable reason I paid Cdn$0.79 for them. They are, by the way, bubble gum coloured, not pink! LOL!
Nice work.
Thank you!
I Absolutely LOVEEEEE this idea!!! In fact I am going to do it for my play pen style of sofa, It's huge so it needs to have a nice large coffee table such as this and to have space to store items is only a bonus to it all. Thank you so very much!! Totally voted for ya!!
Thank you very much for the vote!!!! I'm so glad you like this coffee table. I hope your table make you as happy as mine does for me :)
Really nice actually. Been looking to buy a new, square coffee table but now I think I am going to make this! Nicer than anything I have seen for sale :)
I was in your same boat, it only took 2 hours to build so it's not very time consuming :) good luck!!!
This is amazing! I'm impressed that you actually built the crates instead of purchasing flimsy ones. And I want your bubble gum Crocs. What a steal!
Thank you so much!!! Those are my wifes Crocs lol you'll have to fight her for them :P
Thank you!!!
Beauty and function, well done!
Thank you so much!!!
Wow good project, thanks for share, I&acute;m waiting for weekend to start this, <br>regards
You're welcome and thank you!!!
Brilliant! I saw that original image. My version is still at the wishful thinking stage..
It only took about 2 hours to build so make your wishful thinking a reality :) it'll be faster if you have crates already built or a nail gun lol
Very nice job.... I'd love to have one like that. :)
Thank you so much!

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