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Introduction: Create an Awesome Shard Light

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In this video Instructable I will be showing you how to build a really awesome shard light!

To create this shard light you'll need the following materials.

An LED light strip:

A piece of 12mm thick MDF
A 12x12 cm square of 1mm thick hardwood
A sheet of veneer
Two pieces of plexiglass
A 12v DC adapter,
two short pieces of wire,
and a decent length of thin two core wire (a cable from an old set of headphones is perfect for this).

You'll also need the following tools...
A fine toothed saw,
a fine knife,
a metal ruler, a pencil, and a right-angle ruler
a clamp,
some wood glue and a brush to apply it with, and also some silicon based glue though a glue gun will also be suitable.
You'll also need a soldering iron and solder,
Wire strippers and some scissors,
A drill with a small bit,
And lastly some finishing oil.



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sounds cool, I hope I get to build it soon

Can u please upload it on some other site? Unfortunately youtube is banned in Pakistan :(

I know this is probably around 12 months too late, but if I was you I'd get my self a vpn, or use the tor browser. (the tor browser requires some fiddling to get flash working though), alternatively I believe tunnelbear have a free version with 500mb of data.

wow! that is AWESOME!!!

Does anyone have a link to written instructions instead of a video?

I've done something similar in the past and forgot about it until saw this! So made a new one for my girlfriend but etched my plexiglass and put 45 degree chamfers on the edges of the shards using a table router! Thanks for the right up! :)

2014 14:36.jpg2014 14:36.jpg2014 14:36.jpg

how did you etch it so nicely

this is beautiful

But the part about using the table router is a bit dodgy