Step 2: Fabrication

This was my first real thing I've made with my CNC, so it took some trial and error.
I used a plugin called SketchUCam for Sketchup to generate CNC cut files. I won't go into specifics here, but you setup parameters such as material thickness, bit size, etch and then can mark cuts on a flat shape of the various pieces. The included Sketchup file has all the cut patterns in it, so if you use a different method to generate CNC files or use different thicknesses of plastic you can use those to make your own.
Using EMC2 (LinuxCNC) and my CNC machine, I used a 1/8 single flute bit (the best for plastic) to cut out all the parts: The clear ring from the 8.5mm sheet, and everything else from the 2mm white acrylic.

After cutting the various pieces, I needed to clean up the 12 U sections that I had cut

I used a sanding drum and my dremel to thin out the slotted ring (I wanted the entire assembly to be as thin as possible) and create a lap joint on the 3 arm inner ring

I also sanded down the 3 soon to be gold rings to thin them out (the thinnest acrylic I had was the 2mm, or else I could have just made a thinner piece)

After shaping and sanding, I used 600 grit sandpaper to run over all the parts to rough them for painting. Then off to the basement to paint! I used gold for the inner 3 ring set, and black for the slotted ring and 3 arm piece. The U shaped I didn't paint until after partial assembly.
Awesome project - thank you and well done. This is the best arc reactor project. Now I know what project is up next on my own MyDIYCNC CNC machine.
one of the best build reactors I've ever seen!
That's an amazing idea!
This looks great! Especially under the t-shirt. Good job.

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