These instructions will help you learn how to construct an audio-reactive LED circuit.  Familiarity with electronics and soldering is strongly recommended  Barring any circuit errors, the task should take no more than an hour. This circuit can easily be expanded and integrated into other projects to create visually impressive effects.

Step 1: Safety Precautions

Caution should always be exercised when working with electric currents.  Currents can cause burns or damage to vital organs.  Currents as small as 10 mA can be damaging or even fatal.  Power sources should be disconnected when modifying a circuit, and remember to always use common sense when working with electronics.
<p>Help me understand why my LED lights up bright as soon as the audio cable is connected but not yet provided audio signal, and then nothing changes when I do provide sound. (I'm using a 1/4 inch jack for audio input, connecting the ring to ground and tip to base of transistor)</p>
<p>You put the transistor backwards, flip it around.</p>
<p>Also make sure you are using an NPN transistor, and not a PNP. </p>
<p>Check to make sure your audio signal wire is connected to the NPN's base and that the ground is connected to the NPN's emitter. </p>
<p>Please upload a instructable for the above circuit. I mean for the filtered one that has different LEDs for BASS and TREBLE. It will of great help. I couldn't understand your schematic. Please ...!!!</p>
<p>To use separate lights for bass and treble you would need a low pass filter and high pass filter. You would build this circuit twice, hook one to the low pass filter and the other one to the high pass filter.</p><p>You can probably find the filters by ripping them out of some old speaker boxes</p>
<p>Would love to see the instructable for the filtered circuit also. Also the one for the newest version which has another string of LED's for the midband frequency range.</p><p>Nice work and your guides are very easy to follow.</p>
<p>How did the RCA connectors get from female to male? </p>

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