Picture of Creating Your First Program In Visual Basic
This instructable will show you how to program Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. The example that you will create today is a simple image viewer.

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Also, I think I will be like half the other instructables out there and say that this is my first instructable and please don't be to harsh.

EDIT: Once you have completed this instructable, continue learning VB with my second Visual Basic Instructable: Creating a Program in Visual Basic: Web Browser

Step 1: Download Visual Basic

Picture of Download Visual Basic
You can download visual basic 2008 from microsoft but this instructable is specificly for VB 2005 wich you can download from freeware files

EDIT: It is now recommended you VB 2008, as I will use it for any future tutorials. Link

Please note: you will still need to be connected to the internet during the install.
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waterlubber3 years ago
cool. first pic viewer that worked. unlike microsoft's example...:)PS had to double click button instead of adding code to avoid those pesky errors.
BTY Figured out had do to that auto size thing. set size to AutoSize. Easy. Same with copy right.
Use this:
MessageBox.Show("YOUR MESSAGE HERE")
That puts a pop-up!
megatjt4 years ago
here is virtual basic expres edition free

Fox-san485 years ago
very nice, i just made the hello world thing in vb express 2008 that, i think is the best place to start, i'll try yours now though, thanks :D
Colonel886 years ago
It doesnt work because if you play it there is a ton of errors. Bad code.
"pic" is not declared. How to make it declared???
munchman (author)  Colonel886 years ago
Pic is declared by the line
Private pic As bitmap
Rockerx7 years ago
I just thought It would be funny to make a program that had a list of buttons and when you press one it made the sound that it had labeled on it. I found a cd of about 200 different sounds when this came to mind. I was about to do it but got stuck. How do you make a button make sound when you hit it and not do anything else?
munchman (author)  Rockerx7 years ago
hmm... I know you can embed a windows media control into a form... I'll tell you what... I'll look around for you and PM you with the answer. Thanks, Munchman
alright thanks!
awang8 Rockerx6 years ago
It is possible to do this. First download a free converter and convert all your files to .wav (I'm not responsible for any viruses). In a new form add all the buttons you want and name them. Then double-click of their button. Some code should appear. Inbetween the two lines add:
My.Computer.Audio.Play(My.Resources.filenamehere, AudioPlayMode.Background)
replacing filenamehere with the name of your audio file (don't write .wav). Repeat for each button. You should now have about a hundred errors. Now, to fix those errors go to Project - Properties and click on the resources tab. Click add resource and select your file. Repeat for every song. All errors should disappear. Now debug your program and check to see if it works.

If it does: Hooray! You're finished. Now publish it and install.

If it doesn't: Make sure you done everything correctly. If it still doesn't work, get a hammer and smash your "I won't work for you" computer.
animan1 awang86 years ago
you dont need a converter!!! Goto www.mediaconvert.com
munchman (author)  animan16 years ago
PSST: That's a converter, just an online one, that would chew into your usage limit if you use it a lot
no its unlimited free and online i use it all the times
munchman (author)  animan16 years ago
But still a converter. And because it's online if you use it enough your internet usage will be eaten up (excess usage fees or even worse... shaping! )
munchman (author)  awang86 years ago
That's a good idea. And, you just taught me resources. Thanks!
awang8 munchman6 years ago
Happy to help.
ReCreate6 years ago
How Do i register Visual Basic? I need a key,Since this is free
munchman (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
You shouldn't need a key. Make sure you get the express edition, not Visual Studio, you have to pay for the latter.
When i click on Help > Register product On the top it says Visual Studio I downloaded exactly what you have here,Whats going on?
munchman (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
Okay, I understand what is happening. Microsoft makes a product known as Visual Studio, it is a collection of VB.NET, Visual C# and Visual C++ in the one product. It costs around about $299 US for the Professional Edition. Visual Studio Express Editions (here is where my knowledge ended until I researched this) is these languages broken into separate products (ie VB.NET Express Edition) I didn't realise that they still came under the Visual Studio banner. Bottom line is, it is free, and sorry for the confusion.
Well,Why is it telling me i have to register in 28 Days now?
munchman (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
Hmm, that has never happened to me... Maybe Microsoft wants people to upgrade... Try downloading the latest version link
munchman (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
Oh, your screenshot just made it click! You don't need to register, It just allows you to access things like program updates and whatnot. You don't need to do it, and if you don't the program isn't limited in any way. Just ignore it, the program will be fine. Once again, sorry for the confusion :)
munchman (author)  munchman6 years ago
Sorry, not program updates, you get things such as added extra tools etc
Can You Rephrase that first sentence? And your Saying that registration is for something else? Whew,Good.
Hmm.Ill try
Yes,I have Visual Basic 2005 Express edition,Is it completely free?
ReCreate6 years ago
Nice,Downloaded,Installed it,Now i will have to wait till tomorrow,Its one o'clock AM
Ah,Im back,Now i checking out the tut ;)
emptyport6 years ago
Great Instructable. I am a complete noob at this stuff but I had no problem creating this program.
You got the picture on step 6 from www.imagechef.com I was just on there.
munchman (author)  jeffconnelly6 years ago
No, it is my avatar. I got it from the MSN avatar website.
munchman (author)  munchman6 years ago
Although, looking at that site, I can stop using my low quality screenshot from msn (don't tell them I stole it.)
lolcat3607 years ago
does the free version have any viruses?
Its from Microsoft, No, it doesn't.
nattyee7 years ago
that's awesome munchman
twenglish17 years ago
cool instructable i made one on how to make a chat program in visual basic check it out
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