Picture of Creating a Costume/Cosplay from E.V.A Foam

Good evening Ladies And Gents, In this fine Instructable I will be showing and instructing you how to work with EVA Foam for costuming and prop creation.

If you have any questions regarding the tutorial, making of your own cosplay/costume or just want to say hi please send me a message on my facebook page ( Its much easier and faster to get back to you there. :)

Over the several steps listed here ill demonstrate a handful of good techniques when working with EVA foam for the new and experienced cosplayers or costume enthusiast. ill be demonstrating cutting, forming, edging, gluing and a few other tricks. I learn better ways and new techniques every time i do a costume so check back often for improved or new tricks and more examples.

What well discuss and what you'll need!

EVA foam
Poster card/ card stock
Xacto blade/Razor knife
Hot Knife
Heat Gun
Soldering Iron
High temp Glue Gun
Nylon Straps
Velcro/Hook and Loop
Metal ruler
Fine point marker
Latex Caulk
Plasti dip
Spray paint

so lets get started!

I do not claim ownership of all the reference material such as product images and the space marine images. these are used as examples to help display what is needed and can be done with the material. All credit goes to the respected owner.

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NekuPOWER6 months ago

I'm a newbie when it comes to armor but I decided to give it a try! My dad have a lot of tools and I bought some good foam recently, I will certainly start tomorrow!
I found a "modest" armor in Monster Hunter tri that will be fun to make!

Your article is very clear, English isn't my first language but I can understand it very well! :)

Towering Props (author)  NekuPOWER6 months ago
Your are welcome! Thats what im here for. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on facebook!
BW22 days ago

You used Plasti dip for sealing. How about Modge Podge? This is what I'm using but if there's a good reason why the dip over Modge Podge then I might try it. thanks for sharing your instructable, I'm buying a heat gun and wood burning tool now!

MelissaR1 month ago

I'm totally new to cosplay but have been watching many videos and I'm super eager to give foam armor a try! I've been to all the craft stores in my area and can't find any decent foam (why craft stores don't carry large amounts of foam is beyond me). But I was wondering if yoga mats are a suitable alternative for a beginner? Also, if they are, are there any different tips to using them than regular EVA foam…or is there a huge difference? Thanks!

BW2 MelissaR2 days ago

If there's a Michael's craft store near you, they sell the rolls of thin craft foam. You may have to ask them for it since it's usually hidden away.

Towering Props (author)  MelissaR1 month ago
Hey! Thats great to hear that your getting started on your first foam costume. I personally do not recommend using yoga mats as they are way to malleable and youll have a hard time keeping it from sagging. Your best bet is to order large craft foam pieces or bulk on ebay or upgrade to the mat rolls which you can find at sears or harbor freight.
timcaird25 days ago

Absolutely brilliant instructable. Very detailed, well referenced and it's clear you really love designing and making with EVA foam! Your instructable helped me fully understand how to make cosplay armour and outfits. Do you have any suggestions for making EVA foam weapons/accessories - e.g. a bolter to go with the space marine, or a Frostmourne for Arthas?

Towering Props (author)  timcaird24 days ago
Thanks! I appreciate the support. The process is nearly identical and just as simple. You can check out a friends Instructable on exactly that right here:

The bolter pistol was made using pepakura files.

Hello there, I am also a newbie when it comes to armor as well. I have done some craft foam armor but I am running into a bit of a snag with a costume I have wanted to do for years. Its Meru from Legend of dragoon her dragoon form

I was wondering if EVA foam would be good for the mid section since theres a lot of movement there. Thoughts?

Towering Props (author)  anya.suilruin1 month ago
Hey! I don't see why not... Your best bet will be the roll matting as the tiles will definitely be to thick for what your trying to do. I'd just go ahead and experiment with it and see if it works!
deadpoolz841 month ago

This rules!! Also, for EVA everyone should check out . They have an insane amount of product. I forget the name of the flexible foam they carry, but it's some of the best stuff to work with.

Raksayarth2 months ago

Are there ways to tint acrylic besides window tint sheets/rolls? Thanks for any tips.

Towering Props (author)  Raksayarth2 months ago
Yes actually, ( you can get it at your local autoparts store. Just be sure to GLOSS clear coat it after.
Raksayarth2 months ago

In my cosplay, there are certain parts which need to be made using the tile foam, and each piece will not fit on a single tile. If there is a way to seal the interlocking edges of two tiles, while making the seams inconspicuous, could you give me the procedure? I know that your section on sealing seams would be my best bet with my current knowledge, but if there are other ways, please let me know.

Towering Props (author)  Raksayarth2 months ago
Hey! The best way to use mutiple tiles for one piece is to connect them using the puzzle edges and hot glue along the edge. If you use the puzzle seam as the center of the piece you be able to get a pretty clean seam if you sand it down.
jglowzinski2 months ago

After watching Heroes of Cosplay, I want to make an outfit and compete. It will be kind of, lets say scary. haha 29, but had a brain injury in 03 and was left with no smell and like 8% of my vision. Being on my own in a new state will make me kind of nervous. But, I shall do it! I am going to make something simple. I like Dragon Ball Z. I watched it when I was a teen. I've been looking and really like the Oozaru thing. I like the shape and the hair gives it a live feel. I also like Frieza in all forms and Cell. When I was a kid, my favorite xmen guy was Gambit. So, any of those seem like a good thing to make. But, I believe I will go with the Oozaru. I can not see me winning a comp. haha As I said, I've never done it and really DBZ, can't get simpler. But I will try!

Towering Props (author)  jglowzinski2 months ago
Cheers haha, competing is a conference thing and beleive it or not i have never attempted a costume competition. Its not about winning even though its nice from what i hear but its about meeting others who are passionate about the same thing and its always good to network. Best of luck creating your DBZ costume and competing! Maybe well bump into eachother at a con!

Hey! Amzing work. I am currently working on a Sentinel costume fromX-Men and the oly part I am stuck on is the foot. THe 2 photos you have in step 8 look exactly like what I am trying to find. Do you know where you got the Pep files for those?

Towering Props (author)  RandallFlagg132 months ago

Head over to my facebook page and ill send em to yah :)

Raksayarth3 months ago

Hey I'm just taking my first step into the world of cosplay and decided to start with this technique. I chose Soundwave(a Transformer)for my first rig, and after seeing the picture, I wanted to know if you could give me any pointers on foam type, paint, and such. In addition, the faceplate is an issue for me, I want to make it out of some kind of plexiglass/plastic thing that I can see through without being revealed to outside viewers, and if this is plausible without any high level of expertise or expense, advice would be welcome. The costume needs to be as light as possible, and sturdy(both especially on the giant shoulders!). Thanks for any tips!

Towering Props (author)  Raksayarth3 months ago

Soundwave! Yessss, I was disappointed that its not the tape deck version from the 80's but it'll do. Your best bet it to use a mix of the tiles and roll mats. For the lighter colors on him use the tiles while the darker colors use the roll matting. As far as the lenses for the helmet there's a number of ways to do it. You can either make it out Plexiglas or acrylic, use a heat gun to get the shape you need and get a roll of window tint. I know on ebay you can get mirror window tint for real cheap and they might even have it in that pinkish purple color. Other alternatives would be too look for replacement motorcycle lenses or snow board lenes and just cut those to the size you need.


Hi there. I'm starting up a project to remake my Darth Revan armour and I'm just in the planning stages right now.

This is what I'll be aiming for. In your experience, what would be the best type of foam to buy for this? I don't want my arm movement to be restricted by thick foam.

Towering Props (author)  dark_magician073 months ago
Hey sorry for the late reply! I would reccomend buying the rolled mat foam. This foam should be thick enough to get look for going for with out restricting your movement any.
here's a link: you can also get these at sears if you dont have a local harbor freight.
Thanks buddy. I'm UK based so I don't think I have a harbor freight, however I found pretty much the same product on Amazon so I'm set. Cheers!
RobertBel985 months ago

What is latex coch? Do you mean latex based wood filler?

Towering Props (author)  RobertBel984 months ago

ta da! it was a misspelling but this is what I meant. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks :)

denzwiler5 months ago
I would like to build the Commander Cody Clone Trooper armor. Where do you find templates?
Towering Props (author)  denzwiler5 months ago

I honestly just google around till i get it. How ever the can be a great resource. try googling "commander cody pepakura" or "clone trooper pepakura"

at miller5 months ago

this awesome I just got done 2nd con(1st one in cosplay the jedi) and was want to step it up more for next time building jedi armor. Is there any good place for templates

Towering Props (author)  at miller5 months ago

Mmm depends on what exactly you want but google around for the name of the armor with pepakura after it should bring up something up that is either what you want or can alter too what you want.

mmelvin25 months ago

Wow, amazing instructable! Thank you so much for the useful information! I'm going to be making a Hawkgirl costume based on her outfit in the game Injustice: Gods Among Us. I'm new to building costumes, and I was going to try using Worbla or Wonderflex to build the helmet and other pieces, but I had no idea that foam could look like metal! Definitely will look into it. Thanks again!

Towering Props (author)  mmelvin25 months ago
You're welcome! Worbla is another great material but it can be on the expensive side depending on the costume. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask!
kbennett911 months ago
I'm having some problems with spray painting my plasti-dipped foam. The spray paint is coming out grainy - sort of like sand paper texture. Any ideas why?? I've read this might be from drying mid-air (holding can too far away), but we're holding the can pretty close (but not too close to get drips) and it still coming out dusty and grainy. ugh! Ever experienced this?
Towering Props (author)  kbennett911 months ago
hmmm honestly what it sounds like its the paint it self. spray paint quality can very dramatically even within its own brand. i experienced that a lot with krylon, so i spend the extra 10 cents for rustoleum and have had a much better experiencd with them. itll also come out like that if the temperature your painting in is too cold, 48 degrees or cooler. so my advice is try a different can of paint. if that doesnt work of you can lightly sand it and repaint it, it should come out smoother that way.
I'm trying to make a Urataros cosplay, which is my first real armor cosplay so finding this tutorial was a nice help to make me at least relax a bit working on him. Though parts of the tutorial kind of confused me hopefully I'll be able to figure out everything. I already started making his helmet out of card-stock and spackling, but finding this right when I was going to start the armor is a blessing.

This is a better tutorial than most I've come across, so thank you for making this.

If I might come into trouble while working on the armor of his costume are you fine for getting questions..?
Towering Props (author)  GhostyCookie1 year ago
Absolutely, you are more then welcome to contact me for questions concerning this tutorial or your costume. I answer them here but im usually much faster at getting back to you via the facebook page, since i cant reply with my phone.

best of luck,
mpansoy1 year ago
Wow i love your work!
TheGT011 year ago
Thank you so much for posting this! I've been wanting to do a Lady Thor cosplay for a really long time and make a full chest piece for the armor. I was almost frightened to even attempt anything to do with EVA Foam but this has definably made me more confident in trying my hand at making this. This will really come in handy, so thank you very much.
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