This is a hot air balloon mobile I crocheted. 

You'll need:

Size G crochet hook
A balloon
Elmer's glue and water
An old mobile. 

Step 1: Crochet It

First I crocheted the balloon. I did an magic ring, then increased and decreased as needed. 
(there are lots of instructions out there on how to crochet a ball. )
The last 3 rows I made the same as the previous row to give the balloon a neck. 

I didn't want to stuff it with filling, I decided to try to make it stiff. 
I put a latex balloon inside the crocheted balloon, and blew it up to the right size.

That's really cool.
I liked very much the project - i thought you left the balloon inside:P. It;s really interesting.
Nice. My mom uses a sugar solution to stiffen crocheted things. I think glue sounds like a better option.
maybe sugar is safer?!.. :)
thanks. <br>yeah, i read about doing the glue, but some people complained that it attracted ants. :)

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