Picture of CrossFit style Plyo Box (Table Saw)

This was a project I embarked on because I thought it would be quick and easy. I wanted something I thought I could finish in a single trip to TechShop. With a little more planning I could have done this but it would have been a long day so it ended up taking me 2 days or roughly 8 hours. I ran into a few problems with my design and available tools but it wasn't a big deal.

Materials needed:

1 sheet of 3/4 in plywood (4'X8') I chose birch

Screws (I had 2.5 in outdoor screws lying around that I used)

Sand Paper

Optional: Stain

Tools Used/Needed:

Table Saw

Drill - bits and countersink

Band Saw/

Jig Saw/Scroll Saw

Optional - Clamps

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Step 1: Modifying the Design

Picture of Modifying the Design
rogue box.jpg

I searched for a few designs out there and found a few good starts. Ultimately, I wanted something I liked.

I found a site has a step by step for their plyo box but there were a few things I didn't like. I used their original layout found in the PDF and modified it for my use based on other designs I saw.


PDF plan:

The Rogue Box pictured in this step is what I modified the above plans to match. I like the interlocking pieces and am familiar with them from my own crossfit work outs, I was also curious why they cost $150 to buy!

To modify the design, each piece extends to the full extent of the box dimensions.

So: Two 20" X 30" pieces, Two 20" X 24" pieces, Two 24" X 30" pieces

I chose to make the pockets for each piece a different size. For a 30" long side, the pocket was 10". For a 24" side the grove was 8". For the 20" side, I decided a 6" pocket with two 7" sides was easiest to track, measure and cut.

The sketch is my poor mock up to track the pieces and how this was all laid out.

dkerr61 year ago
Next time, you might want to put a 1-1/2 inch block inside each corner to increase strength. Each panel would then be screwed into the block. I'm a little nervous about drilling into plywood between the plys, as it can separate.
chrisgrames (author)  dkerr61 year ago
Certainly you could. After analyzing some of the 'professional' boxes sold out there I decided it wasn't really necessary. The most they do is put a support in the middle.