Disney Parks developed a really innovative product with their Glow With The Show Mickey ears. They are their iconic Mickey ear hats but with illuminated ears. When worn during evening shows they are controlled with Infrared technology to illuminate in sync with the show's lighting and mood. They debuted at Disney's California Adventure "World of Color" show, but are expanding with other shows and areas including Disney World. Their control capability is fairly robust considering the relatively basic components. But as with most truly special things, the technology is only as good as the creativity utilizing it. The artistry of each show's brilliant lighting programming really creates a seamless, immersive and totally unique experience.

I haven't been lucky enough to catch a live viewing of the World of Color show, but with an upcoming trip planned to Disney World, I wanted to see what I could do to incorporate the lights and control technology into something other than the Mickey Ears. The ears are really fun looking, but for a few reasons, including wanting to be able to see the effect personally, I looked forward to the challenge of installing the technology in something else that made more sense for me. There are a fair number of limitations to reincorporating the electronics unless you start soldering tiny and delicate parts, which I had no interest in. Working with those limitations (battery placement, limited LED spacing), a few ideas emerged, but finally decided on creating a small shoulder bag where I would incorporate the two sets purchased.

All of the effort was worth it and it was a HUGE hit at the theme parks from guests and cast members alike, so I've gone about making this Instructable for anyone to make their own, or to inspire you to make your own unique Glow With The Show item. Here's how I went about making this fun-and a bit silly bag.
findmarc1 year ago

Great! I have found a good source for the panels here www.el-w.com and here www.etsy.com/shop/lightkraft They were the best prices I've found in the US.

hunter9991 year ago

Wow, this looks awesome! Good job! :-)

davidandora (author)  hunter9991 year ago
Thanks a lot!

No problemo! I read your forum topic and thought I'd leave a comment :-)

wilgubeast1 year ago
Voted for this in the Make it Glow contest, and now I want Disney to manufacture and market Tomorrowland Trashcan Bags.
davidandora (author)  wilgubeast1 year ago
Sweet! I just saw they are coming out with salt & pepper shakers that look like their theme park trash cans, so maybe you're not far off! :) Thanks for the vote!