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Introduction: Custom Kindle Cover

I recently got myself a Kindle and I love it but immediately saw the need for a case so I took a trip to the local Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc to see what they had to offer. None of the cases really spoke to me. They were all generic and boring... not to mention expensive. So I went home and looked for something I may have had laying around that I could fashion into a case/cover for my Kindle.

After digging through some boxes I found an old book I had laying around. It turns out that the hard-backed book could not have been a better size. With the pages and binding removed it fit perfectly around my Kindle. Now I just had to figure out how to secure the Kindle to the hard-backed book cover.

First of all I wanted to access not only the charging/data transfer port and lock/unlock button, but I wanted to be able to click the page forward and page backward button while the device was in the case. I also wanted the device to be easily removable so super gluing the Kindle directly to the book cover was out of the question. After tossing around some ideas involving straps at all four corners I took a look in the original packaging that my Kindle came in. And there was the answer!

When you get your Kindle (assuming you buy it new from Amazon) it comes sitting in a semi-hard paper-like cradle that is formed to perfectly fit the Kindle. All I did was cut it out of the rest of the packaging and do some trimming around all the ports/buttons. I then reinforced the paper-like material with an epoxy resin. The end result is a perfectly shaped cradle for your Kindle. Next I simply glued the paper cradle to the inside of the back cover of the hard-backed book. Let the glue dry and there you have it: a free/cheap/personalized/cool/etc. Kindle cover.

On a side note- When the binding and pages are removed from the book it may leave the hard-backed cover kind of.... loose. I added a wooden spine to the inside just to help stiffen everything up. I also plan on adding a strap of some sort from the rear cover to the front just to keep the book from opening unexpectedly. 



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    This is what I did for my Kindle too. For a while I used adhesive velcro on the front and back to keep it in place in a non-permanent way.

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    Thanks for the comment. I will try and update this entry once I complete a strap of some sort. The one thing I am hoping people take from this post is to make use of what you have laying around (in this case the preformed cradle that Amazon actually provides assuming you can be handy).

    How do you keep the Kindle in there? It looks like it's just placed in there, and can fall out easily.

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    I am looking into adding a strap from the backside of the rear cover to the front side of the front cover to keep the book closed and keep the Kindle in place while commuting. The only way the Kindle will fall out of the case the way it is right now is if the book is open and you hold it upside down.