This instructable will show you how I made a custom snow globe as a gift that included a unique figurine, laser engraving, and a personalized audio message.

It all started a little over a month ago, when I was working on a "fiberglass-over-foam" project out in the cold in our driveway, and managed to get myself COMPLETELY covered with white polystyrene dust. When I headed inside for a minute to warm-up and grab the kitchen electric carving knife to continue cutting foam, our two-year-old daughter saw me. Immediately, she looked up and squealed with delight "Daddy a SNOWMAN!"

Sure enough. I was covered head to toe with static-charged white bits that looked just like snow. Children don't lie - they just call 'em like the see 'em. Daddy was a snowman.

I'm a very visually imaginative person and could right away see myself inside a giant snow-globe, with stryrofoam "snow" swirling around me.  Was there some way I could freeze this image and create it for others to see?

Thus began the "Daddy a Snowman" custom snow-globe.

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Here's a slide-show that covers the general construction of the project.