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crazyg3 years ago
Hi , just wondered have you received your prize for the reuse contest? i have not got mine yet.
bennelson (author)  crazyg3 years ago
No I haven't received it yet.

Instructables tends to be really slow about sending out prizes. I think it has to do with who sponsors them, the time actually getting the prizes from the sponsors to Instructables to the winners, etc.

Just be patient. If it really never seems to come, just send a polite e-mail to one of the folks at Instructables and ask about it. It is possible for things to get lost in mailrooms!

I'm sure it will show up soon!

Take care,

-Ben Nelson

Just wondering... Do you remember after how many months it arrived?

I haven't received a prize that I won over 5 months ago :(

cheers ben,

hey friend...

I am planning to build a electric bike with a speed of 80-100Km and a average capacity of 120-150Km on a single charge...

I searched some engines on Alibaba.com and Controller too but i am very much confused about the Battery thing.

Can you please give some advice and ideas for the same......

Markfarn2 years ago
Hi Ben
Love the electro metro! I just dismantled an elec fork lift from work it was a Yale 36 volt it had 3 motors in it 1 small hydraulic for power steering, 1med w/ hydraulic pump for lift, shift, tilt and the large drive one. The large one has a gear attached to one end and was bolted to the differential. There is a key shaft on the opposite side of gear. My question is: Can I connect the front Axel's directly to the motor shafts and eliminate the transmission? Do I understand correctly that I can put more than 36 volts thru this motor? I was thinking 2sets of 6 using 6volt golf cart batteries (72volts)
bennelson (author)  Markfarn2 years ago
You can't connect the two drive axles of a front wheel drive car to the dirveshaft and tailshaft of an electric motor. This will cause BOTH wheels to turn at the same speed (and you would then have no gear reduction!)

At a bare minumum, you need a differential. In most front-wheel drive cars, the differential is built together with the transmission. The transmission also has the gears in it for gear reduction. Even high-end NON-shifting electric cars like Teslas still use gear reduction.

So, with few exceptions, home conversions put the electric motor in place of the gas engine, mounted to the transmission, just like I did in this project. 72V is fine for an around town car. More volts gives more power and more fun. I've run mine at up to 144V. Luckily, the cops weren't watching when I was speed testing that....
Thank you
I can't wait to start this project, I would love to find a sports car to convert, something fun and zippy. My dad did a conversion in the 80's w/Toyota Tercel 4x4 it would spin all 4 tires if you jumped on it. He didn't get much range due to the weight, AC, & Power steering
Thanks again for the response
ardnon3 years ago
Hey just read your patio table ible but noticed there's no contest to vote for it in or I would have voted. Just letting you know.
bennelson (author)  ardnon3 years ago
It always takes a day or two for the Instructables staff to look over a new project and approve it. But I appreciate your support!
ywadia3 years ago
hey buddy... just mailed you a few questions... pls do answer me... my entire project is waiting for your take off approval!
really appreciate,

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