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This is a terrific lamp that will surely compliment any room. This awesome lamp can change color with the aid of its remote control. Also the remote can adjust its brightness. The style can be customized with 3 different included designs or you can create your own design! Not only does it look great, but it also is easy to make.

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
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To make this lamp you will need:

An 7in. by 7in. piece of 3/4 in. Plywood

A Plastic Lightbulb Socket

A Lamp Cord

Two 3/4 inch-long Wood Screws

A Drill

3/4 inch-diameter Drill Bit

A Glue Stick

5 Sheets of Colored Card Stock (any color)

4 Self-Adhesive Rubber Feet

Packing Tape

Scotch Tape (Matte Finish)

A Silhouette Portrait

Color Changing LED Lightbulb (with remote)

Five 7in by 7in square pieces of Acrylic Sheet (You may need to buy one big sheet and cut it up into 5 smaller ones)

Step 2: Making the Lamp Base

Picture of Making the Lamp Base

Start off by using the drill and drill bit to make a hole that goes directly through the center of your plywood. Next, attach one self-adhesive rubber foot to each of the four corners of the plywood. This will raise it up just enough for the wire to fit under the bottom. Now take the lamp cord and pull the open end (the end that doesn't go into an outlet) up through the hole in the plywood. The rubber feet should be on the bottom and the wire should coming out through the top. Next, attach the wire to the lightbulb socket and screw the socket to the plywood (see photos). Don't forget to screw in the lightbulb!

SteveJohnBob3 months ago
That's such a cool idea!
5 Stars!
goldlego (author)  SteveJohnBob3 months ago

Thank you!

Is it bigger on the inside? ;)

Very cool idea. I will have to give it a try sometime. Oh, and a vote, of course.

goldlego (author)  ThisIsMyNameOK7 months ago

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

bobmax1017 months ago
K thanks
bobmax1018 months ago
Can you get the supplies at a Home Depot??
goldlego (author)  bobmax1018 months ago

I am pretty sure that you can get most of the supplies needed at your local Home Depot.

Ubertastic8 months ago

hi so I love the lamp but where do you get the materials

goldlego (author)  Ubertastic8 months ago

Thanks! Most of the supplies listed in step 1 are also links that can be clicked on. They will bring you to a website where you can purchase those items.

thank u so much I will make it

Very Nice Looking

goldlego (author)  TrollFaceTheMan8 months ago

Thanks TrollFaceTheMan!

No problem, and thank you for the cool project :)

Erchan8 months ago

clean work.

This looks so cool! I'm thinking about making it, but I have to ask where did you get the lightbulb socket? Is there a special size or type or something? I've never worked with light bulbs or lamps before

goldlego (author)  citizen-of-wonderland8 months ago

Thanks citizen-of-wonderland! I got mine at Lowes. Here is a link to a standard lightbulb socket that you can get at Lowes:

surfershort8 months ago
hi how did you fix the acrylic sheets together permanetly after taping them..? thanks
goldlego (author)  surfershort8 months ago

The tape I used was strong enough to hold it together permanently. It does not require anything else.

goldlego, awesome tutorial and great job on the photography! How did you make your supplies list picture? If you could PM me back, that would be great.

Thanks for sharing,
crazer8 months ago
AWSOME!!! Where did you get the acrylic sheets
goldlego (author)  crazer8 months ago

Thanks! I purchased 1 big DURAPLEX Acrylic Sheet from Lowe's and then used a table saw to cut it into 5 smaller pieces, each 7-in by 7-in. I am sure you can find one at your local hardware store.

Here is the link to the one I purchased:

That's an awesome idea!!!
goldlego (author)  I❤️FredWeasley8 months ago

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

I like your fandoms :) And I like that you only need one lamp to show them all off!