Picture of Cute & Cuddly Sock Dog
Turn a pair of dollar store socks into a stylish, updated version of the traditional sock monkey. These toys are adorable and are not cheap in kiddie boutiques, but I will show you how easy it is to make one quickly and inexpensively!

I would say this is a beginner project that you can complete in about two hours.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Picture of Gather your supplies
I got this 3 pack of socks for $2.50 and had some stuffing left from another project.  The polka dots were really talking to me. The cats & fishbones...not so much.

I also used some embroidery floss (but regular thread would work too) and you'll need scissors, a couple of buttons or pieces of felt for eyes & nose and a knitting needle or some other long pokey thing for stuffing the limbs. I used a sewing machine as well, but you could definitely do this by hand and it wouldn't take too outrageously long.
lkitts3 years ago
Too cute, love the tie, great idea.
Really enjoyed following along and doing the project with you.
jessandstavro (author)  NaturalCrafter4 years ago
That's great!!
Fanny Fink4 years ago
really cute. thanks for sharing
This is one handsome dawg!
adidame4 years ago
I love it!
ChrysN4 years ago
Cute, and he has a tie too!
mary candy4 years ago
ohhhhhhhh cute cute!!!
jessandstavro (author)  mary candy4 years ago
Thanks! :) I think he's super cute too!