Because of the great response I got from my Dragon Age Inquisition Instructable helmet build thread.   I have decided to make a full Instructible on my DEAD SPACE Isaac Clarke Level 3 Cosplay costume!!!!!

This build was by far the most detailed costume/prop I have ever attempted to create.  But, after its completion it was also my most satisfying and rewarding.  The entire build took over 3 months and 300 hours of blood, sweat, and super glue :)

Before we begin let me say some of the products that are used in prop building can be bad for you :(

So be safe!!!

Always wear eye protection, wear gloves, and use a respirator when needed.

Lets get started!!!!

Step 1: Reference Material

As with all of my prop builds reference material is key. When you start to think about making a prop from a video game, movie, etc.   Always try and find as many reference images as you can. For this costume I actually played through the game back to where Isaac gets the Level 3 suit.  I took numerous screen shots and posted them all over my basement wall for reference and inspiration.  The great thing about having a game is you can rotate the camera around your figure to get a good look at every angel.  Knowing that the RIG would be one of the most detailed parts I made sure to take lots and lots of pics.
<p>Where can I find the 3xl grey undersuit? </p>
<p>this is sweet!</p>
<p>GTFO! This thing is stellar, kudos. I've wanted to do a dead space build for years but never got around to it. Seeing this has brought the inspiration back. Again, amazing job.</p>
<p>This is the best costume I've seen. I really want to be Isaac for Halloween, so I think if I start now and go by your instructions, I should have it done in time for Halloween! (Chances are I won't be as diligent as you, so it'll take me longer lol)</p>
<p>This is the best costume I've seen. I really want to be Isaac for Halloween, so I think if I start now and go by your instructions, I should have it done in time for Halloween! (Chances are I won't be as diligent as you, so it'll take me longer lol)</p>
Just Damn sir... bravo
<p>Best outfit I have ever seen on here. </p>
that's amazing definetly going to try n make it
Can you make a list of required materials and estimated cost? Also could I make this in a month?
I always wanted to try an Isaac Clarke costume. This is unbelievable, good job!
My brother and I were going Dead Space themed next year for H.O.T. Comicon in Texas. He was looking to make this exact suit, and we are getting materials as we speak! He is going as Isaac an I'm going as a monster from Dead Space two, the one with the arms coming out of its back and I was wondering I you can make a suit for that so I can get an idea for how to do it. I'm new to this and have no idea how to do it without constructions! Thanks in advance.
<p>Hey Steven Can You Make The Plasma Cutter From Scrap You Were Talking About?</p>
<p>Congratulations for the win ! </p><p>It is probably the best costume I've ever seen :)</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Totally worth the grand prize! Congrats!</p>
<p>Thank you very much!!</p>
<p>Nice job!!! I maybe would have used EL wire instead of leds to save some time. But it turned out great!!!</p>
<p>what type of resin r u using to mold the reeses knobs ect. nice job you score at top top of the heap </p>
I always use Smooth On Smooth cast 300 or 65d
<p>Your dead space Isaac costume is outstanding. The plasma cutter is especially well thought out.</p>
<p>The peanut butter cups are pure genius!</p><p>I've had a Dead Space 3 themed backpack on hold forthe best part of a year now, partly due to other projects, but also because I <br> couldn't find a suitable medium for the transparent tube. I wanted it <br>to be a rigid plastic like acrylic or perspex which I could gently heat <br>until it would form a curve, but these were all incredibly expensive to <br>order.</p><p>May I ask what kind of plastic the health tubes are made from? They look like PVC, but I disregarded it as a solution to my light tube because interlocking them would be too difficult (PVC-PVC contact is extremely grippy).</p>
<p>you should try making a necromorph costume as intricate and detailed as isaac</p>
Hi, can you please tell me what can i use instead of the Wonderflex? I c't find it where i live... is it possible to use for example mdf or balsa wood? And can you also please tell me how did you model the mdf for the helmet? I think i'll use a skateboard helmet because i don't know where to find the materials you used.. excuse me for all the questions, but i don't know how to go on!
<p>this is amazing...so much work!</p>
<p>Thanks Steve, this is a great build. You say your &quot;leather&quot; was cloth.. Was it a fake leather material that you painted, or how did you texture/ finish that material? </p>
<p>Fake leather from hobby lobby no need to finish it the texture was perfect!</p>
Sweet, thanks!
<p>Very cool. I'm using this as some inspiration for some exo-skeletal parts I'm making. Could you explain how you wired and rigged the spine portion? </p>
<p>I wired together individual leds to a AA battery pack for the spine</p>
Great job! This looks great! How much did it cost to build the helmet? Great costume!
<p>Materials for the entire costume were around $600</p>
<p>this is a great suit and a pain in the neck to try and build I started to make one for dragon con this year but didn't have enough time.</p>
Steven this was an awesome job you did on the Isaac Clarke costume!! <br>☺
<p>absolutely awesome man. what kind of paint did you use to paint the leds. Was it glass paint or something like that because I'm trying to get that exact same color for one of my projects. Help would be much appreciated. Good Job!!</p>
I use liquitex heavy body acrylic paint but I wash it down and do multiple layers
<p>Wow...just, wow.</p>
<p>Awesome job, dude!</p><p>My buddy and I are working ds3 security suits for a convention, and your instructable just helped us immensely with the lighting for our rigs. :)</p>
Thanks man! I'm glad I could help
<p>awesome!! congrats for winning!</p>
<p>Damn dude- you are a true professional. Seeing the finished product preview inamge, I seriously thought you had taken a promotional screenshot or something. Simply amazing. Quick question though-how much, roughly, did this cost you? If you don't mind me asking.</p>
Thanks! Total cost of the build was around $600
<p>WOW! Fantastic attention to detail, next you should build the effects like bright blue lights for stasis and a small magnetic glove with purple lights for knesis.</p>
<p>Oh man! Steven this RIG is spot on; you look ready to detach limbs! Voted for you!</p>
<p>Great build, fantastic attention to detail. </p>
The best thing I ever see

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