The masification of new information storage media have pretty much rendered obsolete CD and their variants (DVD, etc.). There are a lot of projects out there that use this durable, reflective material in different ways, and well.. this is another one of those. Using parts of upcycled or recycled CDs, 24 LEDs and some variable lenghts of fiber optic cable, this lamp permits some experimentation with the lighting effects produced by this combination of materials.

project duration: 4.5 hours roughly [that´s how long it took me to do it the first time around anyways]

material list:
- at least three CDs, DVDs or other data storage media
- light switch
- LED strip 24 diodes
- transformer 9v depending on the LED strip
- luminous fiber optic cable 2meters roughly
- EVA foam 2mm thickness roughly

tool list:
- box cutter
- wire cutter
- dremel and accesories
- rule
- silicon glue
- masking tape
- soldering iron

Step 1: Cutting the lamp base

The first thing I did was to to cut the CD´s according to the printed out templates I generated which you can download at the end of this instructable or get them here*.

I used a box cutter since i´m pretty comfortable with that tool, but you could also use a dremel or with some care maybe a miter saw of some sort, although you might want to watch out, since each CD is composed of layers, too much vibration during the cutting process may result in the CD splitting completely, something to keep in mind for another project maybe...

* http://issuu.com/Foozledesign/docs/prototype_templates
Well done. I like the use of fiber optics in this project and how you constructed the lamp completely instead of leaving open ended ideas. Enclosing the case and adding a clean switching device makes it look marketable.
Thanks. I´m glad you liked the lamp.

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