Finding the perfect rock for a table or bench can be a rewarding and uplifting experience.    I did not know this until I needed a rock.  The truth is. . . . . . we have a ton of rock in our yard.  I will show you pictures in a second.  I wanted to use one of my husbands fine rocks for my end table,  but he just could not part with his little treasures.  I had to go find my own! 

It was very exciting to go out in the country with a friend or relative and spend the day looking for a perfect rock.  AND when you find one!  Wow! I can't explain the excitement!  Then is when I really understood that rocks can be just like burried little treasures.  You have to have a real desire and use for one before you can understand the concept though. 

On your quest to find the perfect rock you might even stumble upon other unexpected treasures that make the trip fun.  I stumbled upon a treasure today and didn't  even have to leave the house.  You can't miss it in the pictures below.  I am using it for a pattern for a future instructable and for inspiration he is my mascot! 

This instructable was inspired because I needed an end table and I did not want to go to all the work to refinish one or spend a lot of money buying a new one.  I painted the rock that I had found. 

I bought a cinder block to use for a stand and painted it.  To my surprise it turned out better than I had expected.  I have received several compliments on it.  I just wink and say, I made it myself!  The neat thing about a rock like this is I can change my mind and make it into something different.  All I have to do is strip off the paint and start over! 

The cinder block works nicely but I think in time a perfect base will find itself under the rock.  But this works for now. 


  • The supply list is simple.
  • One large flat smooth rock.
  • One cinder block.
  • 1 or 2 cans of spray paint.
  • Lights   (optional.)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks.
  • Vase and rocks.  (optional.)


We will use the toad for a mascot.  He just might help get the creative juices flowing. 

  • Clean the rock and cinder block.
  • Paint the rock and cinder block. ( you may need several coats.  I used 2 coats for the rock and 3 for the cinder block. 


You can glue the lights any way you like.  I just ran a strand around the outside of the rock and glued some on the inside frame and placed the rest in a vase.  I am sure you could get real creative with this.  Make a heart shape or something like that.  I just put glue where I wanted a light and stuck the light wire to it,  making sure I could replace a bulb if I needed to. 


Decide where you want the table before putting the rock on top.  It can be very heavy and you don't want to have to move it a dozen times.  Once you figure out where you want it put the rock on top of the cinder block and plug in the lights.  Add flower arrangements or what ever you want on the tabletop.  Enjoy!

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