Picture of DIY - Replace Broken Laptop LCD
Replacing a broken laptop screen is more often than not, a very easy project. If you have a broken screen, don't jump on ebay and sell it for considerably less than it's worth. Instead, go to ebay and try to find the replacement LCD, the entire cover for your computer, or even better, your computer with a blown motherboard but intact screen! The later case, you not only get a new screen, but extra memory, a backup hard drive and perhaps even a WiFi card you didn't have before.

It helps to know your computer. If you don't, do your research first. Some laptops have the LCD glued (epoxied) into the frame. In these cases it's usually much easier to replace the whole cover. Most don't have this problem though.

I'm going to show how easy it is with an Apple iBook G4. I've also replaced the screens on Panasonic, Gateway and other laptops just as easily.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
What we'll need, besides the replacement LCD of course, are the tools to open the display enclosure. In this case, we'll need a tiny magnetic phillips screwdriver, a size 1.5 allen wrench and something to pry apart the snap together frame.

The later can be a couple of small (tiny) flat edged screwdrivers, a metal ruler or paint scraper with the edge filed to a sharper edge, etc. In my case, I use the tools that were included with a battery replacement for an iPod. The tools alone were worth the cost of the battery!

For some, a pair of tweezers would help.
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RajiaH1 month ago
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ZaraM5 months ago


I have a Samsung laptop and the screen is damaged but is still functioning but half of the screen is fine and the other half isn't. The damaged part of the screen goes from the top left hand corner to the bottom in the middle. If I get my screen replaced will all my work, images, videos etc. still be saved on the same laptop.

LasVegas (author)  ZaraM5 months ago
All of your work, images, videos, etc. are located on your hard drive. Even if you fail to repair the screen, you can still access the hard drive and all of its data with another computer by removing the drive from the Samsung and either installing it into an external 2.5" enclosure or using a SATA/PATA to USB adapter (about $15 on eBay).

Good luck!

mzansi1 year ago


I am new here ad the information you are providing its wonderful. I have acer laptop, the screen is damaged still functioning but half of the screen is fine the other half the display is like 16 bit colour and not 32 bit. The split is starting from the camera going down. How do I solve this problem?

bobcross22 years ago
I recently broke the screen on my Acer Aspire One 722. After doing 3 hours of research i found a site offering 0 Dead Pixels Humptydumptyservice. Repair was easy. Just pop off the rubber bumpers and unscrew.

jtmjjj3 years ago

I recently replaced the screen on my HP dv6-3216. It seemed easy enough and saved me over $150, but now it won't turn on. At first the light around the power cord was lit, but as I kept checking connections inside I finally wound up with nothing.

I did break one of the cable clips, but secured it with tape. Help me please.
zack247 jtmjjj2 years ago
i realize that you may have resolved this already, but you may have static shocked your laptop. you did touch a large metal object beforehand, right?
Skippitte4 years ago
Recently my screen started getting dimmer. I tried a "hard reset" on it and when I start it back up it's perfect!... for about a minute.. then it goes back dim. I have check all my settings, did a system restore on it.. any ideas?
Hello i have been a computer tech for over 10 years and sounds to me like a faulty inverterboard and or backlit bulb, But most likely the inverter. Could be the screen cable itself but unlikely.
It might be a faulty connector, try open your laptop and reconnect it.
Sorry but any idea Wat the connector would look like?
It varies model-to-model. but it is always the connector that connects your screen to the bottom part, reconnect every connector that does just that.
malvadoo3 years ago
Hello, I recently replaced my HP dv6214ea LCD matrix with this one http://whitenergy.com/Matryce_do_laptopow/CCFL/LCD_panel/CCFL_15_4_1280_800_matte/product/07362/113/117/
But results its bad, colors is to warm, little flashing and dots are to large. How I can fix it, and there are problem?
lithodir4 years ago
Hey, I was wondering - I have an old ibook G4 with a good LCD but an old operating system. I was considering buying a used ibook G4 with a higher operating system, but a cracked LCD and putting my old screen into the cracked screen. One issue is that I inherited my ibook from my sister, who bought it in New Zealand and I have a power converter on the end of the plug in for the power cord, but everything else seems the same - do you know if they all use the same parts all over the world? Assembled in Taiwan model A1055 - if that's helpful... I'm really keen to try this! Thanks!
LasVegas (author)  lithodir4 years ago
All Macs worldwide use universal power supplies. The supplies will run on 100 to 240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz. This means that any plug adapter that is connected to the supply will work.

Tracker0075 years ago
How you doing Im sorry to bother with rookie questions but I need help asap. My laptop lcd is cracked and needs to be replaced. I have a HP G60-230us and I opened the laptop and found that its a Samsung LTN160AT02-H02 I found a good price on a Samsung LTN160AT02-B02 - $95 for a new pull? whatever that means. I hope it will work, does the H02 and B02 mean a different configuration or does it refer to a batch of some sort. Thanks to all whom can help and God bless.
oompieter5 years ago
I have a Toshiba P100 with a broken screen - a WSXGA+ with resolution of 1680x1050. I can buy a replacement screen - a WXGA with a resolution of 1440x900. Everything else on the two screens are identical. Will the lower resolution works?
prasasht5 years ago
Hi - I bought a screen from ebay which didn't match the model I wanted to replace but on confirmation from the seller that it would work, installed it. Looks like I was able to successfully install it but the issue is that when I switch on my laptop the screen appears grayish (I can see the desktop) looks like each alternate pixel is white. But as soon as I try changing the display properties on the screen the screen becomes clear and perfect. It works fine in all display settings its just that it triggers something. Also I observed that if I hibernate the machine the screen remains clear. But if I shut down or restart it it again goes back to the grayish look. Would appreciate if you could help. Model Inspiron 9300 (17") Original screen - LG171WX2 (B4) replaced with - LP171WP4 (TLP2)
LasVegas (author)  prasasht5 years ago
While the screen may have been pin compatible with your laptop, it does sound like it had a different resolution than the original. You may be able to make a resolution change to the CMOS settings through the CMOS setup (usually F2 on post), or with a flash utility from the manufacturer. Failing that, I would place a batch script into the Startup folder to reset the resolution after each startup. Las Vegas
albizzy1145 years ago
if i find a screen in the housing, would it be easier if i just replace the housing instead of just the lcd? I have never done anything like this before, but the screen just cracked today, and this is actually a borrowed computer. I'm trying to fix it on my own.
LasVegas (author)  albizzy1145 years ago
Honestly, it all depends on the computer in question. Some use very easy to install screens with very complex balancing systems for the screen bezel. Some literally glue the bezel together making direct replacement of the LCD virtually impossible. (Read MacBook Pro!). If you can get a good enough price on the complete bezel housing and it's easy enough to replace, go for it. It's simply a mater of getting everything connected right.

Las Vegas

It's an ibook G4. I just broke it yesterday, stumbled across your step by step. Looked on Ebay and found an auction that was going to end in within hours that no one had bid on. I ended up getting it for REAL cheap. I guess I just got lucky
jambalee5 years ago
Hey Las Vegas, i recently replaced my Acer Laptop screen that i had broken myself by closing lid with something in it. the replacement was easy enough, after installation my computer seemed to turn itself off when i touched it or moved it. after my computer added the new hardware, it seemed to work a little better. almost every time i turn it on now, power will go off, i restart it, someitmes it starts right up, i've also had it do a system repair and also start up in the safe mode. i asked the company i bought it from, and they suggested maybe the sleep button/sensor may be been disturbed upon new installation. they suggested removing the screen and reinstalling. my questions is where would this sleep sensor button be behind the lid when i remove it. or could it be somehting else. just before this happened, i was having a problem shutting down my computer. it would take forever so i would pull the battery to turn it off, then have to go thru safe mode when restarting.
LasVegas (author)  jambalee5 years ago
Wow! It sounds like this computer has a few hardware problems! It's a good possibility that your sleep "sensor" has been disturbed. Most computers use a reed switch to trigger sleep when the lid is opened and closed. This would appear as a tiny magnet located along an edge of the screen's bezel. You can test it by passing anything with a magnet around the edges of the base on either side of the keyboard. I recently discovered my cell phone could trigger it! Locating it and verifying the proper placement of the magnet could cure the problem You may also be able to change the switches function through the BIOS settings (usually F2 during post). That might allow you to disable it.
samygold5 years ago
Thank you for your reply I already connected an external monitor and itworked fine so its definitely the monitor, how can I identify the problem exactly and fix or replace the faulty part? Regrd samy
LasVegas (author)  samygold5 years ago
I'd still be inclined to suspect a bad connection or cable for the display. Before you invest in a new display, go ahead and open it up to check the connections. If it turns out to be the display you can get the part number at that time. Good-luck!
Thank you for your reply , I hope it's a connection problem but if I opened the screen casing wouldnt that void the warranty? I'm puzzled now what to chose? the RMA which it seems unlikeley because I live away from the purchasing place OR fixing the screen my self and vilating the warranty if it's useful>>! Thanks samy
LasVegas (author)  samygold5 years ago
If it's under warranty, then do not pass Go… Send it back! It makes no sense investing time and money on something that they should pay for. There's even a good chance they will replace the computer altogether! LasVegas
samygold5 years ago
I have ASUS G73JH-A1 notebook and after 2 weeks I had an LCD sudden problem which is the screen display divided into 2 parts ;the left side was white with vertical black moving lines and the right side has rainbow t colors image as in these links show : http://j.imagehost.org/0028/DSC04422_600_x_450.jpg http://a.imagehost.org/0443/DSC04424_600_x_450.jpg http://h.imagehost.org/0264/DSC04426_600_x_450.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlZo25aPWps&feature=related Please help me identifying what causes this problem exactly and what to do to fix it? Thank you My best Regards Samy
LasVegas (author)  samygold5 years ago
This could be a connection problem, but I more suspect a failure of your video circuit on your computer's logic board. What happens when you change resolution? How about connecting an external monitor?
Tucuquito25 years ago
Hi, I tried to fix my friend Sony Vaio Vgn-Z590 put new bezel and look great, very expensive by the way" bad news its that I put it back together and now the LCD won't work work, it look cracked on one corner small line and it atent to show something but then it goes gray and nothing comes up, I took it apart several time and tried everything, same results, I checked the LCD on ebay and it cost over $500 it's a rare 13.1" If any body could help me on finding something cheaper, Please help me out!! Oh one more thing there are two contact on the sides by the hinges I try to set them every way possible and nothing if any body knows how they are suppose to be, please, I think it will be cheaper just to loose a friend!! 
ILEDWARDSJR5 years ago
Your instructions were very helpful.  This afternoon I replaced the lcd screen in an IBook G4 (14" mid 2005)  The only snag was that the four screws on the ends of the outside case were #6 Torx screws rather than Allen head screws - fortunately I had a set of small sized Torx screwdrivers.  Otherwise the removal and replacement went through without a hitch.  Thanks again.
pbenson30005 years ago
Hi there:
I have a MacBook Pro, 17 inch and there is a crack at the base of the display housing (the metalic/plastic frame around the screen that houses the LCD, with a hole in it for the camera, and writing MacBook Pro along the base).

Is this replaceable, looks like its held in place by a couple of screws?  Is it worth taking to mac?

jonathon5 years ago
Fantastic! Did it in about an hour. Felt very empowered by this!
JCO725 years ago
The first time I did this was with a Vaio with a bad backlight.  I screwed up the LCD while taking it apart.  I replaced it with the screen from an older vaio with a blown motherboard.  The problem was, the replacement screen/panel was slightly smaller than the original... it didn't fit in the bezel, and the screws didn't fit.

I ended up using hot glue.  Laugh if you will, but it lasted for a few years as a backup, until I tore the screen down to put in on an overhead  projector...
jim-leee5 years ago
Hey, <br />Great tutorial, Replacement was a breeze! ThX! Your tutorial and <a href="http://www.screencountry.com">screencountry</a> online site saved me tons of $$$, their prices cannot possibly be beat! and my HP is on and running like new again! Thanks to you and <a href="http://www.screencountry.com">screencountry</a> once again! Great job guys!
tincup8456 years ago
My ibook screen cracked so I bought a replacement Lcd online and followed online instructions to replace it. Everything seemed to go smoothly while i was doing the repair, but after it was complete, i powered it up and the screen did nothing for about 20 seconds. Then it turned to a dark gray. It stays that way no longer how long i wait. It makes all the right sounds like the start up jingle and everything. can you please help?
LasVegas (author)  tincup8456 years ago
One of the cables are askew. You need to open the computer back up and check every connection. If you can't find the loose connection, disconnect each end of each cable and reconnect it.
Kasm2796 years ago
2 things my laptop looks like thet iBook (if only i had one D:) and(as a future reference) the clock memory and such is called PRAM (perimeter RAM), not CMOS :D
LasVegas (author)  Kasm2796 years ago
Simply semantics. The term "Parameter RAM" is commonly used, even by Apple, for the storage area of system parameters. The type of memory commonly used for this is Static RAM aka, CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) RAM. This allows the data to be retained by a trickle voltage. The clock is actually a separate component or section of that CMOS chip that remains running under the same trickle voltage, thereby keeping accurate time even when the computer is not running.
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