In this video I'll be making super bright 100W LED flashlight in PVC pipe housing.
Main parts bought from ebay. You can easily find them by typing this text on ebay search box:

- 100W LED COB chip;

- 100W LED Reflector, lens, lens bracket kit;

- DC to DC boost converter 250W;

- DC to DC step down (buck) converter;

22.2V battery was made by my self, DIY video here:

Some parts bought at local electronics or hardware store. Rest all stuff had lying around.

Here is my Youtube channel , where you can find more interesting projects: Click here!

<p>how long does it last on one charge? nice attention to all the details :)</p>
<p>it could run ~2h.</p>
<p>nice work. what was the cost to make?</p>

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