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Introduction: DIY 2$ Dremel Router Attachment

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Hi everyone!

In this quick ible I'm gonna show you how to make a simple router attachment for your dremel (original or not like mine) using just a plastic jar saved from the garbage.

I have a cheap and not original dremel so the last thing I want is spend 20/30$ to buy a router attachment for it; so I made it by myself. Obviously it's not professional like the one they sell, and I don't suggest you to build this if you are going to use it every day!! BUT if you'll need it rarely like me, just for some monthly occasional projects, I really suggest you to spend 10 minutes building this, instead of buying the original one.

Totally free, quick and very simple to make!! What else...?

Step 1: Materials & Tools


- plastic jar (I used a peanut butter one)


- marker pen

- glue

- dremel

- drums sander bit

- cutting wheel

Step 2: Measure and Mark

First of all I removed the black plastic nut, I measured the "neck" of my dremel with a caliber, and then with a marker pen I marked a 1,7cm circle on the base of the plastic jar, right in the center.

I measured also the distance from the dremel "neck" to the end of the router bit (when completely inserted), 5cm, and I marked a line on the plastic jar.

In order to strengthen the plastic jar, I decide to add the cap of the jar as reinforcement, so I'll have to cut all the flat side. (photo#3)

Step 3: Cut and Sand

In order to obtain the tightest fit possible, I suggest you to start cutting the circle initially with a small drill bit, and then to enlarge it little at a time with the drums sander bit, remembering to test it on your dremel a lots of times.
A bigger hole will result a looser fit and you would have to restart from zero since the dremel's black plastic nut cannot hold the jar in place.

Once you'll obtain a perfect result, you can cut the plastic jar along the previously marked line.

As last thing, I cut away the flat part of the cap with a cutting wheel, and finally I sanded the cut with a drum sander bit obtaining what you can see in photo#2.

Step 4: Glue Them Together

Finally I glued the reinforcement in the cut plastic jar, and I put some rubber bands to keep them tight while drying.

In photo#3 you can see that the blue "cap", in addition to reinforce the transparent jar, it's also useful because since it's perfectly flat, it's a lot better than my inaccurate cut. In this way it will permit me to make all the cuts perfectly straight. (this would haven't been possible with my ugly cut which would have made my "router" shaky)

Step 5: Finish!!

As I promised you, with less than 10 minutes of work, you can make your totally free router attachment for your dremel.

I use it approximately a couple of times per month, and it is very useful! You have to pay attention of going straight, but with some little tips (like to clamp a strip of wood parallel to the groove that you want to cut) it becomes reallyuseful!

In photo#2 you can see that with my router attachment, I can set the depth of the router bit from 0,0cm to 1,5cm (the maximum that I have ever needed in my projects). If you need to realise a deeper groove, you just have to cut the transparent plastic jar shorter.

Thank you for reading my Instructable. ;)
Feel free to comment and ask if you need to know something!




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great!!! you sir got my vote!!!

I've got a non dremmel that I purchased from woolworths seemingly hundreds of years ago and it is still going strong, I was looking at getting some kind of router type attachment just to inset small name plates in hard wood, I dont have to sweat it now!! thanks Buddy, great instructable.

Good useful project, thanks for posting


I like this, but I don't see how the multitool stays upright.

look the very last picture ;) it stands on the plastic jar

just what I was looking for, thanks!

you are welcome ;) once you made it please share here your result

I like the free part and also the simplicity of the idea, Yes you have my vote.

The contest it's closed :P and I won the third price! But thanks so much for the appreciation and for the hypothetical vote ahaha

I bought myself a real router for this christmas, but in the previous 2 years I used those plastic-jars-rotary-tool-router-attachment to make lots of projects.

Thanks to its simplicity it's a very useful, cheap and quick attachment to make and have.