Lets build an Arduino based flight controller that can do wireless PID tuning, Orientation lock and altitude hold and position lock with the help of A GPS. Ok So this DIY flight controller is an educational Arduino based module. It's simple to make, easy to program and is a great project for experienced hobbyist like me. The program is open source and easy to configure.

This Flight controller will have features like those of NAZA and APM the only difference here is the PID wherein you will need to be patient in getting your drone tuned. To make tuning easier I included a Bluetooth module to ease the tuning step with out the use of your computer.


You Will learn how to fabricate PCB's! Always check your connection.

Why make one?

Because, It is cheaper and you will understand how the flight controller works. And using your extra sensors you can make good use of it.

DIY vs Branded

The answer is Branded or at least the clone, because DIY will to a bulkier flight controller, compared to a 16$-32$ flight controller which is smaller and easier to use just like the Naze 32

Total cost?

I guess I'll cost this by the amount I've spent this week for this project only

1x pre-synthesized PCB 6x6cm almost 1.8$ here in the Philippines

3x 1mm Drill bit $1

1x Gizduino Mini $8.58 Or "Arduino Nanov3"

2x Pinheaders 1$

TOTAL 12.38$


Proceed to the next step for more price info

Step 1: Parts and Materials

As I started arduino 3 years ago I guess I've piled up some extra sensors such as the MPU6050 , BMP180, and the HMC5883L now getting frustrated of my old Flight controller for my quadcopter I decided to make my own similar to those of MULTIWII "CRIUS SE"

So here are the main parts

An Arduino mini.... or something similar like mine from our local electronics shop exclusive on in the Philippines

I got these sensors for 22.31$ only! 03/15/16 update~ "It is way cheaper nowadays"

1x MPU6050

1xBMP180 or 085

1x HMC5883L

--- 10 DOF IMUMPU6050 + HMC5883L + MS5611----- best price~


1x Bluetooth module HC 05 or HC02

1x TTL converter such as the FTDI programmer module

2x Pin headers 1x40

1x pre synthesized PCB 6x6cm

A lot of female to female wires~

TOOLS and Chemicals FOR PCB fabcrication

Mini Drill

1mm Drill bit

Ferric Chloride

Developer Solution


Exposure lamp or 10W florescent lamp

2x small Glass Plates "see through"

2x Containers big enough for the PCB and chemicals

<p>Hi everyone,</p><p>Please give me the schematic of connector from Arduino to MPU6050,<br>BMP180, HMC5883L</p>
<p>What ttl do you use? I am following your guide and is the last piece that I have to buy</p>
<p>sir, here where u used the hc-05 bluetooth module in the connection diagram</p>
sir is it possible in arduino Atmega 328 <br>
<p>Hi, is it possible to use a breadboard in place of the pcb for prototyping (assuming the drone is super powerful can carry the breadboard)?</p>
<p>it is possible, just make sure everything is secured &quot;absolutely secured&quot; </p>
Sir can this have altitude hold function
<p>here is air remote control with your smart phone right?</p>
Mail lại cho mình dc k bạn curly.saigonese@gmail.com
<p>Hey treyes4, thanks for the instructable, this is a very cool build and I think I may try and do something similar. I noticed the 3D printed case, have you provided the STL file for that design anywhere? If so I would be very interested in printing that out myself. Thanks</p>
<p>Hi, I have arduino based apm 2.8 flight controller.Onboard MPU6000 Gyro sensor not work.how can I use external Gyro board mpu6050 or others?</p>
<p>Who did, then please give me specific guidance</p>
<p>ducthien20021995@gmail.com</p><p>help me in detail with</p>
<p>hey guys can I use GSM module for wideing its range for its flight. As I need to make the quadcopter autonomous so we can give coordinates from phone and it goes there and makes the video of the area below it.</p>
<p>It is possible but I don't suggest you trying that since you are going to use this for Autonomous flight. Which is risky and might cause harm to the hobby if something goes wrong. With that you will probably need an APM flight controller.</p>
So can you guide as from where I should start and which micro controller I should use as I am really new to this thing and its basically my final year project at university.
<p>hey please can you help me whether i can use the bmp180 instead of bmp085</p>
<p>if i m using Arduino Nano/Uno, how to connect the Bluetooth?</p>
pls how to made arduino uno for drone with bluetooth ; all file and arduino program.pls show me.
I think u jst need to figure out the pin confic as pro mini n uno uses same 328P
Can i add the GPS L80 to it?
<p>So, come on guys, if I am here, is because I don't have cash and I don't can pay for wiew your pdf! Are you bad, guys?</p><p>I am registered for download the pdf, and after the registration I have read that I must pay 50 dollars?!?!?! but guys?!?!?!?!?</p><p>For the little part that I can see, seems a good work but.... It's a bad and wrong thinks (free already pdf, please).......</p>
<p>just click the link for ether the rar or the pdf just a bit down the page from the picture of it its free no need to pay anything</p>
<p>WTF are you talking about? The pdf is just a copy of the webpage you are already looking at. everything is already available for free, the pdf is just to download the instructable for offline viewing. Just screenshot it if you are that poor!</p>
<p>Hi <strong>treyes4</strong>, I wonder that can I use <em><strong>10 DOF IMU Sensor </strong></em>in order to replace the all of the sensors you indicate.If I can, could you plase tell me what to add or change in the multiwii code configuration and where to connect pins on the arduino mega/uno</p><p>Regards,</p><p>Here is the link of 10DOF-IMU <a href="http://www.waveshare.com/10-dof-imu-sensor-b.htm" rel="nofollow">http://www.waveshare.com/10-dof-imu-sensor-b.htm</a></p>
<p>Hi Kt6 !</p><p>I have the same sensor too. Do you have library of this sensor for Arduino ? I searched a lot but did not find anywhere. I have its stock library but unfortunately I dont know how to compile that with Arduino.</p><p>Kindly can you help me ?.</p>
<p>I want to develop an App to test each motor through bluetooth, how can I start only one of the four motors each time? </p>
<p>Did you use ESC( elektronik speed controller)?</p>
<p>Hey dude,</p><p>can u share to me source code flight controlller using a mpu6050?</p>
<p>Pareng Treyes4, taga pilipinas din ako. salamat dito sa post mo ang laki ng tulong. Pero ask ko lang yung about sa Position hold (GPS) kelan kaya lalabas yon ? :) thanks bro.</p>
<p>hay sir can use TTL converter PL2303 ?</p>
<p>the following is the error I am getting when I try to upload</p><p>please help me with it treyes4</p><p>Arduino: 1.6.8 (Windows 7), Board: &quot;Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560, ATmega2560 (Mega 2560)&quot;</p><p>C:\Users\damu\AppData\Local\Temp\build18491610cf751e556b2ffeb7956fae43.tmp/core\core.a(main.cpp.o): In function `main':</p><p>C:\Program Files\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\cores\arduino/main.cpp:37: undefined reference to `setup'</p><p>C:\Program Files\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\cores\arduino/main.cpp:47: undefined reference to `loop'</p><p>collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status</p><p>exit status 1</p><p>Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560.</p><p>This report would have more information with</p><p>&quot;Show verbose output during compilation&quot;</p><p>option enabled in File -&gt; Preferences.</p>
<p>thank you</p>
If I'm to use the ARDUINO UNO ATMEGA328, do I still need the TTL converter?
<p>If your Arduino has a USB port you don't need the TLL converter</p>
Noted. Thanks.
<p>why you don't use wifi module ?</p>
<p>Thanks for a good starting off point. I will try to get something in the air.</p>
<p>when is the video coming out</p>
<p>Hi im having trouble hooking up the sensors to the arduino. All three sensors has to be hooked up to 3 different SDAs and SCLs corrrect? Could I use the the Arduino mini 328 for this project? </p>
<p>Hi, I'm having trouble editing the PCB layout to make it fit the Arduino Pro Mini. Please could someone help. (I have eagle cad and I have opened the file but I don't know what I need to do to it)</p>
<p>Hard to explain... better do some youtube tutorial for eagleCad ;)</p>
<p>Can i use the GY-87 board that has all three sensor built into it or do i have to get all three separately ?</p>
<p>Dear treyes4, your project is really cool and i like it,but i have some questions.I dont understand 7. step i mean the picture is not clear,so can you explain me the picture.Is the red cicruti board TTL converter? What is the small blue box next to big blue box?</p><p>What is the Black Cable on the left edge of the blue box? Can you help me how to put Bluetooth?</p>
<p>See the image. </p>
how will u add GPS for autonomous flight
<h4>i2c Gps nav~ module then just connect your GPS leads then since its i2c connect the SDA and SCL pins to the same thing on the arduino board SDA and SCL .... a little google will help im no longer a multiwii user im using APM 2.6+ </h4>
<p>Hi,</p><p>I plan to build a DIY APM 2.6+ did you manage to do it? I ordered an Arduino mega 2560 bouard which is the same Arduino as in APM, my plan is to upload ArduCopter there, add the MPU6050 sensor and a baro sensor and I could hav my cheap APM. Can it work? I have CH340 serial interface version by the way. I would need the pinout to know how to connect the modules same way as it is an APM.</p>
<p>how can i connect bluetooth?</p>
<p>And why is the barometer separated to the rest of the modules?</p>

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