Halloween is hands down my favorite Holiday and time of year.

In 2010, I took on Edward Scissorhands and was quite successful. I fabricated the scissorhands from scratch, made a collar piece using belt offcuts, modified a pair of suspenders, and mangled a black wig. The rest of the costume was just clothing and an passable, but not great makeup application.

In 2011, I took on Bender from Futurama. I fabricated it mainly from cardboard (concrete forming tubes, as well as flat stock). PVC was used for the body framing, which was then wrapped in cardboard and contractor paper in an attempt to smooth out the shape. The body sucks .. the rest was acceptable.

In 2012, I was an Evil Scarecrow with a skeletal arm. My desire was to make a fully articulating arm from PVC trim boards, PVC tubing, elastic, and fishing line. It functioned, but the mechanism didn't operate smoothly at all. Burlap was used to make a long, tattered shirt (itchy as all get out) and makeup was used to turn my face into a skull.

This year I wanted to step up my game ... try to reclaim the fame and glory I achieved with Edward. I wanted to be fully disguised, but I didn't want the mess and hassle of makeup.

I decided to become a Muppet - the best Muppet ever ... Animal.

You can see the costume in the video below:

Step 1: Fabricating and Felting the Head

I started with a acrylic globe, which was/is 14" in diameter. It's actually what is used as the globe for yard lamp posts. After marking up the globe with several mouth layout options, I used a Dremel and a cutoff wheel to remove the material. I also enlarged the bottom hole so that the glove would fit over my head. Plastic burrs and sharp edges left from the cutting were removed by hand with 150 grit sandpaper.

The inside of the mouth was formed with cardboard and set with hot glue. I just placed a piece of cardboard in place, traced the outside edge of the globe, and cut it to shape with a razor knife. The top p;ate is about 2" wide and I left as much of the bottom as possible so that the mouth would have some support and just not sag inward.

The head was skinned with felt, which was more difficult than I expect since it has no stretch factor. There was no way around having seams, so I made sure to place them all on the back of the head in order to hide them with feathers in a later step. I worked my way from the front to the back of the head, ensuring that the felt was kept taut as I adhered it in place with hot glue. The mouth cardboard was skinned/covered with black felt - also with the aid of hot glue.

The lips were made by cutting a strip of felt, wrapping it around 5/8" foam caulk saver and sticking it all down with hot glue. They were then cut to length and glued to the head, along the edges of the mouth. Use the seam of the tube as your glue line and it will be totally hidden from sight.

super cool, love the construction... and animal :)
Fantastic job!
Looks fantastic! *yelling like Animal* AN-UH-MOL! AN-UH-MOL!
Brilliant!! ;)
Turned out great!

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