Picture of The Animal (Muppet) Costume
01 Cutting The Collar.JPG
03 Somewhat Round.JPG
04 Halfass Round and a Hinge.JPG
05 Magnetic Ring Plate.JPG
06 Epoxy Mags and Ring.JPG
08 Bolt Heads.JPG
09 Epoxy Latch.JPG
10 Laying Out Rivets.JPG
12 Done Open.JPG
13 Rounding PVC.JPG
14 Spikes Epoxied.JPG
15 Collar Painted.JPG
19 Enlarging Hole.JPG
21 Mouth Layout.JPG
22 Mouth Formed.JPG
23 Hand Mockup.JPG
24 Arm Template.JPG
25 Arm Cut and Glued.JPG
28 Body Template.JPG
30 Body Cut and Glued.JPG
31 Head Wrapped.JPG
33 Lips And Lids.JPG
34 Lips And Nose.JPG
35 Eyes.JPG
36 Tooth Length.JPG
37 Shaping Teeth.JPG
38 Teeth Glued.JPG
40 Legs Glued.JPG
41 Lid And Tongue and Eyes.JPG
41Making A Foot Template.JPG
43 Foam Feet Cut.JPG
44 Head Foamed For Fit.JPG
45 Legs Rolled Inward.JPG
46 Eyebrow.JPG
47 First Feathers.JPG
48 Featherstashe.JPG
49 Laying Feathers.JPG
52 Feathered Front.JPG
54 More Feathers.JPG
56 One Toe Skinned.JPG
57 Three Toes Skinned.JPG
58 One Top Done.JPG
59 Done Top And Bottom.JPG
60 Snaps Added To Arms.JPG
61 Turkey Feathers.JPG
62 Feathered.JPG
68 Standing.JPG
The Collar
Materials: ½” PVC sheeting, ¾” PVC trim board, 20 carriage bolts, metal ring, plastic chain, small door hinge, two rare earth magnets, primer, spray paint, and spray lacquer.

Fabrication: Two strips of PVC sheeting were formed around a paint can with the aid of a heat gun. Once shaped, they were trimmed up on the table saw, connected at one seam with a small door hinge, and joined in the front using rare earth magnets. For the look of rivets, I cut the heads off of 20 carriage bolts, drilled holes in the PVC for the stubs, and set them with epoxy. I made the spikes by shaping more PVC on an oscillating sander and attaching them with epoxy. Primer, metallic spray paint, and a few coats of spray lacquer finished it off.

The Head
Materials: Plastic Globe, felt, mesh fabric, ¾” PVC trim board, Styrofoam balls, feather boas, two fake moustaches, and hot glue.
Fabrication: I started with a plastic globe which you find on yard lamp posts. I enlarged the bottom hole for my head and cut out the mouth using a Dremel with a cutoff wheel. The inside of the mouth was formed with cardboard and set with hot glue. Next, the head was skinned in felt, which black and pink felt for the inside of the mouth and tongue respectively. Lips and the lower eyelid were made by wrapping tubular foam (caulk saver) in felt and then gluing it to the head. For the nose, I used a 3”Styrofoam ball skinned in red felt and attached with hot glue. The eyeballs are 2 ½” Styrofoam balls with a third cut off on the Bandsaw so they would look set into the head. For the top eyelid, I used black felt, and for the eyebrows, I used to fake mustaches. The teeth are made from more ¾” PVC trim board, which was shaped on the oscillating sander and set with more hot glue. The last step was the laborious task of gluing on chicken and turkey feathers, which were acquired by dissecting several feather boas. To keep the head from moving around on my own head, I used more of the salvaged foam and hot glue into I got a snug and comfortable fit. There is a section of black mesh fabric in the back of the mouth, which I’m able to see through.

The Body
Materials: Felt, snaps, a pair of pants, a T-shirt, length of rope, cardboard for templates, and hot glue.

Fabrication: I created a cardboard template for the body front and back, as well as a template for the arm/hand. Once the felt was cut out, I joined the parts with hot glue because it held better than my poor sewing skills. Snaps were glued on to keep the vest closed. A few snaps were used to hold the arms to the vest and prevent them from sliding down. Simple tubes with one seam were made for the legs and glued into the pants. The pants are a Goodwill purchase and are held up with a length of rope as a belt. The T-shirt is from my closet.

The Feet
Materials: Foam, felt, elastic, and hot glue.

Fabrication: The feet were made from dense foam salvaged from a packing crate. They fit around my shoes and lengths of elastic were used to keep them from sliding off of the shoes. Each toe was skinned with felt individually to keep it as smooth as possible, and then the rest of the foot was covered with a larger piece of felt with one seam at the back of the foot.
ardnon1 year ago
super cool, love the construction... and animal :)
Fantastic job!
GarageGuru1 year ago
Looks fantastic! *yelling like Animal* AN-UH-MOL! AN-UH-MOL!
mybubbles1 year ago
Brilliant!! ;)
Tazmjm691 year ago
Turned out great!