Picture of DIY Bed Frame For Less than $30
My girlfriend and I have been sleeping on an air mattress for the past few months because we couldn't punch out $300+ for a "real" bed. It wasn't bad, but it was on the floor.

About three weeks ago I drove up to see my parents, and they had two extra twin sized mattresses, which I politely took off their hands.

I then set about building a bed frame that fit the size of the mattresses perfectly. It took all of three hours and cost me less than $30 - $28 and change to be more exact.

I should have taken pictures while I was building it, but you should get the idea - it's VERY simple.

The frame has not been stained, painted, or any of that. If you want to spend an extra $10, you could easily make this look very nice instead of just a wood platform for a bed frame.
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Step 1: Getting the sizes and materials

This part was easy.

I'd say give an extra inch all around the edges so you make sure you have plenty of room for your mattress.

After measuring my mattresses, I ended up with 75" wide, and 74" long. So the frame was built to be 76" wide and 75" long.

You'll also need to decide on a height. I opted for 10" high legs.

For materials I used...

6 2"x4"x96" planks
1 1/2" plank of plywood
1 4"x4"x8' plank
A handful of 2 3/4" nails
A handful of 1 1/2" nails

I had the plywood and 4"x4" planks sitting in my garage from whoever lived here before me, and they worked great.

You could get all your wood for free on Craigslist very very easily - just toss up a post in the wanted section for scrap wood. You may end up needing to piece things together this way, but you can make it happen pretty fast.

I also bought some angled brackets, but realized I didn't actually need them when I started nailing things together. For extra support, you may want some though.

Cotb4 years ago
If you make the frame about an inch shorter all around than the mattress you needn't worry about cracking your shins upon the wood quite so often. Maybe I'm projecting a little...
My first one was a Sheet of MDF on bricks. With a Air mattress on top. LOL. Total build time, +- 10Min.

Some 7 years later, I'm still using the same MDF under the mattress, but the base has been greatly improved. Mostly with bits salvaged from other projects. I've wanted to make a whole new bed of years, but it's never been needed. My MDF base is just fine, if a little heavy to move.

My new mission is a cradle / cot. Now how to make a safe, healthy cradle from bits of left over MDF?
lemonie4 years ago

Good job (I spent a year with a mattress on the floor...)

scheda (author)  lemonie4 years ago
I did the same thing for a few years ago. It's nice to be up off the ground again :)
lemonie scheda4 years ago
I agree, but "falling out of bed" was easier, alone or otherwise.