This is our first time doing this... so its a little rough around the edges.

What you need:

Nuts, Washers, Nails, Tape.


Router, Drill, Hammer, Wrenches and what not.

Anything else you take a pleasing towards.

Step 1: Locate Drum

Step one, go find yourself a nice looking wooden cable drum. Make sure it doesn't already belong to someone.

<p>nice steps hahaha</p>
One way u can get your hands on FREE wire spools is go to Lowes ask electrical associate to save u a wire spool they have plastic and wooden spools with woden core/slats just give them your name and number and presto u have full access to all the free spools u want.
<p>Here my 1st go at making one and on my 2nd at the moment brilliant idea and great easy to follow instructions</p>
<p>Good Work! - lovin step 2 - then I realised its spray and not a can of beer!</p><p>Oh and Lime 3D does he not realise mofo is in reference to 'Morrison Foerster Law' www.mofo.com - who wouldnt want to put a drill through a lawyer!</p>
It is doubtful you would find one, there is a $45-$90 deposit to the wholesaler. Electrical companies tend to want that deposit back as they go through several of these rolls every job.
<p>I'm no saint myself, but I can do without the inference to profanity in your step titles.</p>
<p>Love the concept, I know where I can get a couple of these spools, I have a simple modification I would recommend and that is a rocker stop (just 4 4 inch 2x4s) tacked on to maximum rock position fore and aft on the rockers to prevent it from rolling over and hurting someone. This as it is is dangerous around children. You could even just use the edge of the rocker as a guide to cut the contour of the rock stop. But I will definately be building a couple of these.</p>
<p>Agreed, a stop is needed.</p>
<p>What's going on in that pic with what seems like a huge cable drum in the background? <br>(I mean, other than a cute guy probably driving girls wild!)</p>
<p>lol :D</p>
<p>Last summer there was some construction down the road, and sitting in the midst was a huge one of these with a note saying &quot;FREE, TAKE ME&quot;. Since I only lived a couple blocks away a friend and I just decided to roll it home when a cop pulled up alongside of us and said &quot;uh, are you supposed to be doing that?&quot; OK now I am a 46 year old Mom so I thought the cop was joking, I quipped back &quot;no officer, we just stole this, ha ha&quot; he wasn't sure what to think at first, but as I realised he was serious, he realised I was joking I said &quot;oh no, there was a note&quot; We both laughed, but make sure you don't get arrested if you do find one of these! P.S. Great job guys!!</p>
Looks great! I like that it doesn't require anything extra: if you find a spool, you've got a chair.
<p>my sons will see these &amp; think, &quot;<strong>wow</strong>!! VIDEO game chairs!! <strong>;:^D</strong></p>
<p>LOVE THIS! I'll be on the hunt for a drum soon.</p>
Thinks for the great idea. Now I have some thing to tell my wife what I'm doing with things I drag home!!!
<p>Great idea, started working tonight!</p>
<p>i love it!!! thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>That is just tool cool!</p>
<p>Nice idea! Looks like this could easily be made for two people. This setup is supposedly for one right? If it was for two people, the sides would give it a little privacy and little more intimacy ..... wink, wink. Seems like you could easily make some sleeves to cover the threaded rods too. </p>
<p>Awesome concept. It feels a bit &quot;figure it out as we go&quot; but that's what 'rocks' about it! I'm sure if you decide to build another it will be even better. </p><p>A couple questions:</p><p>1) Did you guys consider extending the back beyond the diameter of the wheel, or did the seat use up all the original core wood parts?</p><p>2) Are there any stops along the back base of the wheel, or will leaning too far back leave gravity, athleticism, and survival of the fittest to decide the outcome?</p><p>3) It's hard to get a feel for scale, but where do a typical adults arms come to rest while seated? If the top of the sides are too high for comfort, without destroying the cool circle effect, would it be possible to hole out slots large enough to act as &quot;arm rests&quot;?</p><p>Again, what an awesome idea! If I find a similar type drum I may have to give this a go!</p>
Great job!
<p>Nice! Now I have a use for the one in my barn! </p>
I love the idea but I have to ask, is that comfortable?
<p>Cable TV companies usually have these reels sitting around and will give you one if you ask (if they haven't disposed of the empty ones recently). Always ask though, because they sometimes keep reels that have short scrap lengths because of splice jobs the techs must do on the trunk lines. I worked for a catv company for 14 years, and never saw anything like this chair. It is very creative and I wish I had one. Great instructable.</p>
<p>Awesome!</p><p>Great idea.</p>
with my experience with these spools, i was going to ask if you put stoppers so you could rock but not roll? I did the roll once....... yeah anyways.... Nicely written!
Great idea, what sized drum did your use?
You are really a clever &amp; intelligent man
nice idea
<p>What an awesome design! It looks super comfy, and really fun to rock in. Thanks for sharing!</p>

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