No Fairy Wings...No problem! Threadbanger presents the first installation of Halloweeny Wednesdays teaching you how to make fairy wings from some old coat hangers and stockings. Time to Fly!

ok first off, i fracken loooooove fairies. i had a great time making these. it is really easy. just make sure you really tie them together well. take your time with it and they will be some of the most sturdy wings you've sported. they stay up much better then the mass made ones do and there is no elastic to cut the circulation of both your arms off, just beautiful ribbon.

you need:
four hangers that are of the exact measurements.
2 pairs of old tights. use to different colors if you want
2 and a half inch ribbon or just a bunch of smaller ones
water based glue
a little glitter
an old paint brush
a pair of pliers
and your scissors

Step 1: Undoing the Hangers

  • please be careful when working with hangers. make sure to hold them firmly when bending. or maybe you want to be a cyclopes for halloween. no seriously use caution.

firmly hold a hangers in one hand and use the other to twist the top apart.

Make the hanger as straight as possible. it helps to use a thick pair of pliers. there will be a little bit of curl at the ends where you took the hanger apart but on one end the curl is up higher. try to work the curl out of the one that is higher but it doesn't have to be perfect. the other end doesn't matter cause it won't be in the wing body.
<p>Thanks for your help</p>
I'm going insane with this. You're really helpful :) &lt;3
Super sweet. :)<br/><br/>I love faeries too, in fact you can check out mtyInstructable on how to make mini-wings for teacup puppies: [http://Super sweet. :) HERE]<br/><br/>:)<br/>
im using this for halloween <br>
Fecking Priceless video!!!
omg thank you. im gonna be a fairy for halloween and im making the whole thing myself. im using tulle and striped stockings. im gonna match my lil sis, who is pink and green and im purple and blue. :) again thanks.
Thanks so much for posting! We're having a faerie day in school on Wednesday to celebrate the spirit of spring. I know I have a couple of pairs of demented dance tights around the house some where!<br />
Thank you thank you!!!!&nbsp;just the ticket to add to my wonderful skirt! and your tights top trick is gonna make the making of the top half all the more easy!&nbsp;so Again THANK YOU Threadbanger!!&nbsp;Wonderful, straight forward and better than i had hoped to find Tutorial!&nbsp; <br />
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I desperately needed diy pixie/ fairy wings I'll make these over the weekend for halloween 10/10!!!
ohmigosh those are so pretty. I was looking for some diy faerie wings and these are definately the easiest and prettiest.
hey, omg, the wings are absolutely PERFECT!!!!! im going as an evil tinkerbell to the school disco, and i had all these images in my head of spray painting those crappy ones from $2 dollar shops and trying to hide the gross white elastic, then i came online and found this! AMAZING!!!
Hey, can I send you a link to the wings I made from your tutorial? I am so happy with how they turned out. Lets just say I really like ribbon!
OMIGOSH! I was searching for a really good tutorial!!!!! BINGO :D This is amazing, thank you so much, i neeeeeeeeeeeeed fairy wings. I am being a fairy, and what is a fairy without the wings :D
the only bad thing about trying to make em is that its really sore lol any tips on how to soften the metal maybe??
if the p[roblems is the wire is digging into you try wrapping the pokey parts in floral tape first its easy to use and super cheapo to get at like walmart in the crafty area or other craft stores good luck...
Thank you so much I do need wings for Halloween, great instructions
lurv it!!!! yay fairys! :):):):) frickin gr8 idea
Wow! This is so cool! I might have to be a fairy for Halloween. =) I also like the tights top idea. I'll have to try that!<br/><br/>Great job! 10/10<br/>
They're flippin' gorgeous! i'm gonna try that now!!! cheers!

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