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mduncan82 years ago

I have a favorite pair of jeans that fit perfect but the button broke. Now the zipper is breaking.. what can I do. Hellppp!!

It's easy to replace the button. Replacing the zipper takes a bit more plus a sewing machine (although generally everything can be sewed by hand, it just takes a bit longer sometimes). If you are not able or willing to repair the pair of jeans yourself, remember the man or woman in your neighbourhood with that little shop and the sign on it telling you that they repair any kind of clothing.

xsaywolf3 years ago
you guys are so awesome there are no words to your epicness

jimmy wong6 years ago
yeah ..................
emma.banks6 years ago
 too bad  you are so far away you are so sweet :)
KnexFreek6 years ago
 WOW you have soooooo many subscribers!!!!! i also subscribed! nice ibles!!
I love threadbanger.
alcast817 years ago
I do like her cheeks .. yaay!!
ich liebe dich!!!!!
lawizeg8 years ago
Threadbanger's awesome! But....the girl creeps me out, are her cheeks like that naturally, or is she sucking them in?
she's hot. AND..u can't have her cheeks. ;)

threadbanger is sooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oi__lads8 years ago
you guys are the hottest! the majority of your instructables i can totally put to good use, and you make available things to a poor art student that she couldn't otherwise afford (i.e. screenprinting). UBER KUDOS, darlings. :3
mirela9 years ago
ThreadBanger RULES!
ewilhelm9 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project, and welcome to Instructables!

Let me know if you have any questions.

You've probably already found your way around, but in case you haven't see these, here's a guided tour of Instructables and an Instructable for making Instructables.