It's taken me five months to finish my niece's birthday present of a jellyfish chandelier. The first attempt ended up looking like a Rastafarian octopus in shades of purple and green when what I was aiming for was an airy, lightweight, whimsical jellyfish light fixture.
The above is my second attempt using mostly silk and fiber optic cable. I think it captures the spirit of a jellyfish chandelier pretty well despite some (fixable) flaws.
The components for this chandelier were thrift store finds, one Dollar Store salad bowl, and a piece of fiber optic cable, brinding the total cost to about $15.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

This DIY chandelier was made using:

* A hanging light fixture without a shade
* One green silk scarf
* One white silk scarf
* One 2-foot length of side light fiber optic cable
* White merino wool roving (< 1oz)
* 1 Clear acrylic salad bowl (Dollar Store find)
* Super glue
* Hot glue
* Epoxy
* Six small super magnets
* Ribbon
* Flood light shell
* 60 Watt chandelier bulb

You will also need:
* Scissors
* Drill
* 1" hole drill bit
* Hot glue gun
* Bubble wrap
* Polyurethane
* Paint brush
* Candle
* Toothpick
* Packing tape
* Coconut oil
* Plastic food wrap
* Soapy water

If over 50, I recommend:
* Reading glasses
* Head lamp

<p>amazing.. it really looks like a jellyfish.. </p>
simply beautiful, wild and elegant
Thanky. Felting is so versatile and fun to do!
Wow cool ^.^
So gorgeous!
Thank you. I'm tickled with how pretty it is too. : )
this is so *epically* beautiful &amp; it totally made my day. that, friend, is art.
Wow! and yay! and thanks!
Nice! My LED jellyfish is still on my desk but because it runs on batteries I don't want to turn it on all the time in case they become flat. Mine only took 2 days to make on and off, but that is obvious when you look at it. The effect is much less elegant and weightless as yours. Any jellyfish always looks better wher suspended from above, given that the light shines mostly downward. Is yours mounted to a solid or moving structure on the ceiling?
The light fixture is attached to a long cord with a switch on it so it can hang from a ceiling hook and be plugged into a socket. Very &quot;dorm room&quot; portable.
That's cool because, its made of fabric and fibres, so if there is wind it should behave like a real jellyfish and &quot;swim&quot; in the same spot.
Exacatly. I should take a video of it in movement.
That would be nice.
need to have a detachable cover with the fiber optics on it in case the bulb burns out
It is detachable.
Thanks i couldnt tell from the first pic (didn't have time to read it all) but it looks awesome keep up the good work
This is so beautiful and elegant.... I think suspending it using a spring may add a bounce, with the jellyfish moving up and down... I am going to do this sometime soon!!!
Also, hanging somewhere near a heat vent brings it to life. :)
This is so elegant, simply beautiful!!
Beautiful! I knew it was a jellyfish lamp the moment I saw it, so you definitely succeeded!
This is so creative. I love how this lamp turned out!
I'm happy with it too. Suddenly I need a new chandelier...
This is gorgeous!

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