DIY | How to Make an Silicone Phone Case | Tutorial


Introduction: DIY | How to Make an Silicone Phone Case | Tutorial


Step 1: To Do a Silicone Phone Case You Need!!!

In today’s video we will make a DIY awesome phone case or as many call it cell phone bumper case at home. You may be wondering how to make one?
We will just need the most usual, cheapest and the most widespread construction silicone and a little potato starch.

Step 2: It Is So Easy and Simple)

Those who like to knead will definitely like it, because you can make shape any design of phone case and dye as well.

Step 3: Girls Can Use Strasses, Sequins Whereas Guys Can Adorn It With a Batman, Superhero Logos or With Their Names Cut Out of Polymer Clay and Embedded in the Silicone Phone Case.

Step 4: I Wish You the Best of Luck!

Write in your comments what you would like me to make in next videos!
Good luck to everyone! Bye, bye!



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    what are the materials and steps

    This project has already been on my to-do list for a couple months, Nice to see that someone else thought of something like this too! Silicone is just the best material ever!