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Introduction: DIY Ikea Grocery Store

The original idea was to purchase a play kitchen/ supermarket for Louisa’s birthday. We looked around in stores, but everything we saw, was either too small, too expensive or too plasticy.

So we decided to take this in our own hands and purchased 3 IKEA Babord Shoe Racks, $9.99, a couple of 2x4s, some fabric and various accessories (baskets, plastic fruits, miniature cans and bottles,…).

And here the Step-by-Step instructions:

{IKEA Babord Shoe Racks, $9.99}

{Attach the 2x4s at the corner with screws}

{half way done!}

{the same thing with the back, just add one more shoe rack on top}

{Staple the IKEA fabric to the horizontal beam}

{Cut out a sign for the market}

{paint it and add all the accessories}

{We attached the sign with string}

{Done! Cost under $50, accessories are all from the Dollar Store, Miniature Food is from World Market}

More info Here:



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    Eureka! This is PERFECT! I've been searching and searching for comparable parts. I think has the ticket with shoe racks manufactured by Whitmor. We're gonna try it this weekend.

    That is just too sweet! I love it, and the divine Miss M will love our version of it, too!

    that was my childhood dream!!! :D
    love it

    yes mine too:-) But my Mom was not really into these DIY things;-)

    DO you have a source for the shoe racks? Ikea doesn't seem to sell them anymore.

    i think they dont sell it anymore:-(

    pretty cool! :)