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Sometime you just need something fun for grandkids, (or children) to play with.  Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of toys in the grandkids room, but sometimes you just have to pull out the BIG GUNS.   Whenever I pull out play dough, I have very happy kids for a very long time (usually close to 2 hours).  When the play dough smells fruity it’s even better.  This is a basic recipe I have used a lot.  Adding a package of unflavored Kool-Aid has made it even better.  So, here how to make a batch of fruit fragranced play dough.

Step 1:

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1cup (144 g) flour
1 cup (230g) water
2 tsp. (5 g) Cream of Tartar
1/3 cup (104g) salt
1 Tbs. (10g) vegetable oil
1 package unsweetened Kool-Aid (any color you want, I use what I had)
Nonstick cooking spray (not shown)

Sauce pan
Rubber spatula

Step 2:

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I n the sauce pan put the flour,

Step 3:

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Step 4:

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Cream of Tartar,

Step 5:

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vegetable oil,

Step 6:

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Step 7:

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and water.

Step 8:

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Step 9:

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Spay an area of the counter top with nonstick cooking spray.

Step 10:

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Turn the stove on to medium heat and cook the mixture, stirring constantly

Step 11:

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until it becomes a solid ball. 

Step 12:

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Dump the dough onto the sprayed counter top and after greasing your hands (so that the hot dough won’t stick to your hands)

Step 13:

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knead the dough until it becomes a smooth ball and had lost most of its heat.  Done.  Store it in an air tight container. 

Step 14:

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This recipe makes 1 ¾ cup or (492g) of dough. 

Step 15:

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If you are providing more than one child with play dough, you may want to make more than one batch.  I figure that it only costs about $.75 a batch (depending on how much you spend of the Cream of Tartar), and 1 batch = 2-3 cans of the stuff you can buy at the store.  Not bad.  Enjoy


dozadell (author)2016-03-05

I would like to make these for my sons upcoming messy birthday party. How long will they stay soft inside the containers? And is the recipe for 1 container, or several?

craftknowitall (author)dozadell2016-03-07

They have lasted for a month or a little longer. One batch, one container. Thanks for commenting.

mkdieb (author)2013-08-25

F antastic! You are a life saver.

zamrin (author)2013-08-10

Woah edible play dough:D wait is it edible?

craftknowitall (author)zamrin2013-08-12

Yes, you can eat it, but it won't taste very good. There is nothing in it that is not eatable. Thanks for looking and asking.


cupcake lover (author)2013-07-20


cupcake lover (author)2013-07-20

Cool can u make it with jelo packs

craftknowitall (author)2013-06-18

That is just plain all purpose flour. Cake flour has less gluten, and self-rising flour as baking soda (or it is baking powder) it it so that when liquids are added it would rise. I don't think that one would work. I have been making play dough for YEARS (for my own children who are the parents of my grandchildren. I have always used plain old all purpose flour and it has always turned out well, so I see no need to experiment with other flours. Why don't you try it and post an Instructable telling us the results. I would be very interested. Thanks for looking and asking.

bfunk00 (author)2013-06-18

Did you try different types of flour to see if one works better? (all purpose, self rising, cake, etc.)

lime3D (author)2013-06-18

The Kool-Aid is to give it both color and scent. You can go with plain food coloring if you don't want the scent.

SlickSqueegie (author)2013-06-14

This is a cool Idea. Does the dye from the kool-aid stain their hands?

lime3D (author)SlickSqueegie2013-06-18


cupcake0 (author)2013-06-17


x2th3max (author)2013-06-16

Can u eat it

craftknowitall (author)x2th3max2013-06-17

Yes, you can eat it, but it won't taste very good. There is nothing in it that is not eatable. Thanks for looking and asking.

The_HandyMan (author)2013-06-13

I'm making a stop motion movie, could I use food coloring, and is it sticky?

Withour the Kool-aid, you can use any food coloring you want. Wilton paste dyes are vivid and come in a variety of colors.

No. it's not sticky, It does dry out and crack when dry. Thanks for looking and asking.

Pinguino72 (author)2013-06-14

What purpose does the cream of tartar serve? Just wondering as its pretty pricey here. Like 7 bucks for a tiny box.

as a presevativbe, can be left out with ot much problem. The stuff we are using right now is over 4 months old and still doing good. Thanks for looking and asking.

redbadger132 (author)2013-06-14

awesome - what a fun project! good work.

init_zero (author)2013-06-13

gonna try this with my 5yo daughter. thanks for the instructable!

antibobthebuilder (author)2013-06-13

I will have to do that

jkdabrown (author)2013-06-13

Great idea, I wonder what else you could use kool-aid for?

craftknowitall (author)jkdabrown2013-06-13

To dye easter eggs, to dye cotton yarn, just to name 2. Thanks for looking and commenting.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-06-13

Fun! I love good spelling stuff! Did you add food coloring to make them even brighter?

No, those particular flavors gave out those colors. I would have added blue to the one I made in the Instructable, but I didn't think about it until it is too late. It you want yellow you need to yellow color to lemonade Kool-aid. I don't remember what flavor I used for the darker blue. Red was cherry, orange was orange and purple was grape. Thanks for looking and commenting.

I didn't realize kool-aid would give such a vibrant color! That's awesome!

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