You've seen in Sci-FI, games and on TV. Beautiful and powerful cars zipping past you, charismatic LEDs glowing and Shining.
Dream? Not Anymore!
With my Easy to follow Instructable, now add Dazzling LED Grille lights quick and cheap. Whole project costs near 250 Rupees (5 dollars)

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Step 1: Birth of an Idea

Projects always take life in brain rather than on Sheets and Tools,
Think Think think....

Look at your Vehicle, Stare, Dream, Gleam!

Dream up what position, Colour of glow, Intensity etc will look good on your Car. Also keep in Mind about the car's shape , Colour and Body style. 
Mine is a white SUV, So i went with a white, diffused glow. Simple and beautiful.
<p>I read this article while researching a plan for an under-shelf <br>light for my desk (!). Your car looks way cool, but one small warning .<br> . . . You mentioned selecting a colour for the lights, but beware. <br>Depending on the country you live in this may vary, but here in UK it is<br> illegal to show a red light at the front of the vehicle. A yellow / <br>orange light is probably acceptable in most countries as long as it is <br>not flashing if you are moving (and could be confused with turn signals <br>on front or rear) and other flashing colours are illegal (blue can <br>appear to be police, fire, ambulance. green could be a doctor on a <br>call). NEVER put a white light on the rear if you want to make your <br>boot / trunk look cool!</p><p>A very good &quot;ible&quot; though and I'm tempted to look into putting a (flashing) amber light behind the grille of my Ford Focus for volunteer work in my emergency role and parked at the site of an incident :LOL:</p>
<p>Hey there!</p><p>It appears color rule is same in my country as yours. And the color scheme you mentioned is Correct too. Thats the reason I use White or Warm white lights on front.</p><p>Good luck with your Emergency role!</p>
hello Sam, I read your instructable as well as our communications once again. 1. adding a diode is easy. you add it inline as you do a resistor. cut your positive wire, add a diode in between (with silver strip towards led ) and seal it off. you're done. 2. I wished to add connections, however each car is vastly different so I could add generic comments only. xuv 500 thunderbolt is eons more complicated over your swift so I didn't want to confuse readers with cryptic instructions (and they won't work on their car ) 3. you could tap into any fuse or relay that comes on when vehicle is on. with some ingenuity, it would be easy to locate such relays in the engine bay. user manual shall mark these and provide a legend. if you don't seem to find appropriate relays, it will be better to call a mechanic instead. I hope you liked it, please vote as I'm appearing for glow contest.
If am not wrong the entire zest of the ible was how to do connection from where to take the power source and how did you attached the diode. But those are no where to be seen except a vague information. I would suggest to include those pictures in details which will make it demanding. <br> <br>Like this which was done a few months back <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Car-Interior-LED-Lighting-Multicolor/

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