This past Halloween I finally made my very own Tardis costume, from the longest running science fiction show, Doctor Who. I've seen so many versions of this costume that I wanted to try my own and make something unique. For this Instructable I'm going to focus on how to make the LED fascinator from the top of the Tardis!

Step 1: Materials

Most of the materials I used were leftover from other projects or scavenged from my kitchen, except for the ones that have links. 

- material for the base: flexible, flat plastic or copper wire and copper sheeting
- spice jar or other housing
- Goo Gone (if necessary)
- sandpaper
- black acrylic paint
- three, bright white LEDs
- three, 150 ohm resistors 
- solid-core wire
- 2 coin batteries and battery holder
- electrical tape
- small piece of foam
- hair comb or hair band

- scissors
- hot glue gun
- hacksaw
- paint brush
- soldering station and solder

<p>Not that you need it, but I would imagine that it would be very slimming, you know, making you look smaller on the outside :) great 'ible! Thanks for sharing. If you have &quot;time&quot;, I'm sure after a couple of years you have tons of other groovy 'ibles to share???</p>
<p>Are you infinitely bigger on the inside? Some kind of 5th dimension thing I presume? LOLLzz Kegels can't help you...</p>
<p>Hey great post. The hat is superbly designed using the LEDs. Thank you for including the pictures showing the steps for making this hat. The LEDs must be used very carefully because of their small size.</p> <br> <a href="http://www.analogtechnologies.com/products.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.analogtechnologies.com/products.html</a>
<p>I love Dr Who to, and awesome costume! But I am left wondering a bit....do you get any 'unwanted attention'/ assaults by people reading that sign on the skirt and taking it literally? ;-)</p>
<p>xD, &quot;Free for use of Public&quot;</p>
<p>Brilliant, what a great outfit for a Time and Relative Date in Space!</p>
This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! Yay!
<p>i have an suggestion to improve the little hat you made it, why don't you use those leds that glow in blue and red automatically ? can be feed on 3v . </p>
<p>what a beautifull model !!! and interesting instructable too :P</p>
The whole outfit is awesome.
:O woah where I am it's the races (stpats) and I know lots of ppl who would like this!!! #FAVE!!
<p>I love when cool things are made from &quot;trash.&quot; Don't watch Dr. Who but this is cool.</p>
I must admit, I only viewed it because I thought your face was absolutely beautiful. Nice ible though all the same :-)
<p>So wierd. So love it. Sending link to my daughters :) </p><p>Great job!</p>
<p>Thanks! I hope your daughters like it too!</p>
love it!:) If only I'd known this before the 50th exhibition I went to! do you have the tutorial for the rest of the outfit at all?
<p>Thanks! I'm planning on posting a tutorial for the rest of the outfit after I finish grad school in May. It'll be up and ready well before Halloween and the beginning of the next season!</p>

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