Before I begin this very long Instructable, I'd like to mention that if you like this project, I'd appreciate your likes and votes. Thanks for being so supportive!

My kids love Star Wars, and pretty much every day they end up walking around the house with blasters and lightsabers as they fight off the bad guys. Since I was ready for a new project and because the new Star Wars movie is getting closer every day, I decided it would be fun to build the kids a Millennium Falcon Playhouse. What you see here I managed to build in ten days, working on it until very late at night and over the weekends.

Like the Boba Fett Jetpack that I built last year, the main material is PVC board which I love because you can shape it with heat, bond it with PVC glue, sand it nicely, cut it with a box cutter, and it takes spray paint really well.

And by the way, this build isn't intended for outdoors. We just took it outside to take these few photos. It's now located in my son's bedroom, and he's pretty happy about that. In fact, I found him asleep inside of it a couple of days ago.

A few of the materials that were needed.

  • PVC board - I used 2 sheets at 4" x 8" plus some additional smaller pieces that I had from other projects.
  • MDF - a small sheet of half inch.
  • PVC glue, super glue, and Gorilla glue
  • Bondo
  • A few wooden odds and ends that are shown in the instructions.

As far as tools go, I used quite a few different tools, but the main tools were: metal cutters, a box cutter, a heat gun, and an electric sander. My table saw was also helpful at one point.

But enough of that, let's start planning!

Step 1: Planning Things Out

I began with a very rough sketch of how things might work. Just getting an idea of how I would use my materials. Basically, I spent one evening looking at all the reference photos I could find

Right off the bat, I knew that I needed to cut off the bottom part of the cockpit to keep the thing from getting too large and my wife calling off the project. :) I also knew that because of scale, there would be some things on the instrument panel that I would leave out and simplify.

From there, I did a rough drawing in Adobe Illustrator so that I could begin to work on the dimensions and angles, including where my cutoff area would be at the bottom. I needed to make sure to accommodate for the height of my kids as well as providing enough width that two children could sit side by side.

Since I drew things in actual size, this file was a helpful reference through the project.

<p>Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I mention your Instructable in my Instructable. I wanted to give you credit for some of the great ideas you had for making the desk. Below are pictures of the playhouse I created for my son. I also created a Google Cardboard VR experience that the children could watch while they were sitting in it at his birthday party. Check out my Instructable: Star Wars Millennium Falcon Cockpit Playhouse That Can Fly! It is in the Outside/Backyard category. Thanks so much. </p>
<p>I was inspired by this Millennium Falcon so I sort of followed your steps but had to change things a bit as I made mine a bit bigger for older kids, my lack of skills and tools, and had a shorter timeframe. This was a decoration for an 8th grade dance. I put mine on platforms so 8th graders could sit on a chair. It was a huge hit! Thank you for the inspiration and instructions! If this middle age mom can do it, anyone can!</p>
<p>Hi, I'm working on this for my son's 5th birthday party. Could you share the dimensions of the console? Did you set this on a table or create a stand for it? Did you make your console light up? Or is it basically the same as what is posted in this instructable. Thanks.</p>
That's amazing! Love it!
Thanks for inspiring and putting your instructions out there for me to work from. Not as good as yours but I am pretty proud of it. It was a fun add to the 8th grade dance. Wish I had a place to store it but putting it on Craigslist.
<p>Hi, I was wondering what the dimensions are for the console? Did you set this on something too? Or did it rest on the floor? Did you build seats? Thanks so much, Keri</p>
<p>If I ever get around to actually putting the thought into making this I'll stick with cardboard, PVC board just isn't gonna work.</p>
Really? Why would you choose cardboard over PVC board?
<p>Well, it's free and readily available in huge amounts at my local recycling center and even though it isn't nearly as stable as PVC board, I have a makedo set so I can add hinges and stuff like that. It's mainly a personal preference: cardboard is my favorite material to work with. </p>
imagine if you made it bigger and put flight simulator equipment inside.
I know. That would be epic.
<p>We've made a great alternative to this but as a potting shed with removable shelf. You can find more info here: http://www.waltons.co.uk/waltons-space-shed </p>
This is seriously cool!
<p>I am a huge Star Wars fan but having this in a Halloween contest is not right. Perhaps you should remove it from the contest.</p>
<p>That. Is. Freakin. AWESOME!!</p>
<p>Ha! Thanks! It's been a lot of fun.</p>
<p>Absolutely awesome project!!</p><p>Two questions on the PVC board you used for the cockpit 'skinn:</p><p>1) What is the thickness?</p><p>2) Where did you source your boards from?</p><p>I have this dream project of building a submarine project for my twins...and this construction style would be perfect!!!</p>
<p>I used a local plastics company, and the thickness varies. In some areas I used 1/4&quot;, 1/8&quot;, or 1/16&quot; depending on the area. </p><p>Twins are the best! I have a set myself. They're tons of fun.</p>
Incredible!!!!! &lt;3
<p>Absolutely WONDERFUL project. For the person putting one over his bed, maybe he could make the console do something, like give it a computer keyboard! I want to make this for my nieces and nephews--or maybe my 39-year-old son.</p>
<p>That would be pretty awesome. Still making plans for where this will land in our home. :)</p>
<p>What is the thickness of the shell material?</p>
<p>I'm traveling and don't remember exactly. It's less than 1/8 inch. Might just be 1/16&quot;</p>
<p>That is so freaking awesome. If had this when I was a kid I would have had kids lining up at my yard gate to have a turn playing Han Solo.</p>
<p>you better build those sweet children the rest of their ship!</p>
<p>Love what you did and your patience - you now need costumes and tickets to Comicon in San Diego.</p>
<p>I'm going to need one of these in with a hinge over my bed, so I can lower it each night....</p>
<p>Yep. That would be awesome!</p>
<p>I totally agree with NuSonic. My neighbors and I had to make those the old fasion way back in the day. With cardboard boxes basement chairs and the occasional basement floor. ;)</p>
<p>I know exactly what you mean. Imagination is key.</p>
I want to make one! Sooo awesome!
<p>Do it! Would love to see how you could improve on what I've done.</p>
<p>Well done! This looks great and I'm sure the kids loved it.</p>
<p>Coolest. Parent. Ever.</p><p>Seriously, when I was a kid (before Star Wars), my friend and I built our own Star Trek bridge set using cardboard and stuff discarded by our local telephone company. It was nowhere near as cool as this.<br><br>Makes me sorry my own kids are grown.<br><br>Guess I'll have to make one for myself. </p><p>Voted for you in both contests. Good luck!</p>
<p>Yeah, having kids is a fun excuse to play around, but don't let them being grown stop you. Plus, there's always the possibility of grand children. :)</p>
<p>I love the idea of using plastic casters for the control panel! They look great!</p>
<p>Also, your link to the wikipedia page is broken. It should say https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greeble, but instead says http://ttps//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greeble. Just a heads up :)</p>
<p>Fixed it. Thanks for the heads up!</p>
<p>I, too, would have loved this as a kid... and as a very much not a kid anymore, I'd love it now! :-D</p>
Well done! This looks great and I'm sure the kids loved it.
<p>Very very cool!! Great work!</p>
<p>Thanks! It was a lot of fun to make!</p>
So when are you making the rest?! ;)
<p>I'll see if I can talk my wife into converting our whole house. Maybe she'll go for that. ;)</p>
<p>I know what you mean. :)</p>
Thanks, anachin!
<p>WOW!!!! that was awesome! </p>

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