Picture of DIY Minion Goggles
This Instuctable will show you how to make cheap easy Despicable Me minion goggles.

The reason I made these was for minion Monday, one of our school spirit  days this week. The thing is I was about one of three people that actually dressed up that day...

Anyway, hope you like it!

Step 1: Gathering Stuff Needed

Picture of Gathering Stuff Needed
Supplies needed:

-silver spray paint
-some round thing to trace on the wood. like a cup, can, or you could just free-hand it if you need to
-plastic box to cut circles out of
- pencil
-wood (about a 1/2 inch thick).
-eight screws that you can cut the tops off of
-a cheap belt or elastic
-hot glue
-painters tape

Tools needed:

-bolt cutters
-band saw (or something to cut the wood with).
-things to cut the box with
-hot glue gun
Mrballeng1 year ago
This is top notch creativity.
Zachary4801 (author)  Mrballeng1 year ago
artworker1 year ago
Would love to see that super minion smile with these goggles! Awesome project! My 2 year will love it!
Zachary4801 (author)  artworker1 year ago
ha ha! yeah I guess I forgot that...