This Instuctable will show you how to make cheap easy Despicable Me minion goggles.

The reason I made these was for minion Monday, one of our school spirit  days this week. The thing is I was about one of three people that actually dressed up that day...

Anyway, hope you like it!

Step 1: Gathering Stuff Needed

Supplies needed:

-silver spray paint
-some round thing to trace on the wood. like a cup, can, or you could just free-hand it if you need to
-plastic box to cut circles out of
- pencil
-wood (about a 1/2 inch thick).
-eight screws that you can cut the tops off of
-a cheap belt or elastic
-hot glue
-painters tape

Tools needed:

-bolt cutters
-band saw (or something to cut the wood with).
-things to cut the box with
-hot glue gun
I made a minion JPEG camera.
This is top notch creativity.
Would love to see that super minion smile with these goggles! Awesome project! My 2 year will love it!
ha ha! yeah I guess I forgot that... <br>

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