I love the use of nail heads in interior decor. In my search for a nail head trim table I came across several great options, but just couldn’t stomach the price tag. It’s amazing to me that some of these tables cost so much, when their design is so simple. I decided to create one myself using Ikea Lack tables. Follow these simple steps to create one yourself, and save over $450 from the expensive brands!

Step 1: Steps 1-2

Step 1: To create this cube table you will need 2 Ikea Lack tables. Begin assembling 1 of your tables. This is perhaps the easiest piece of Ikea furniture to put together. Simply screw in the legs to the table top.

Step 2: Take the table top from the second table and nail or screw it into the bottom of your table to create a cube. You will be left with the four legs of the second table. Maybe you can find a unique way to reuse these legs. I myself haven't found a way to use them, but maybe I will one day.
That looks amazing! I can't wait to deck out my entire collection of ikea furniture with nails! I'd probably use an antique gold or "blackened" silver for awesomeness!
Very chic! I am partial to darker furniture, but I really like how the silver contrasts with the white wood. It really makes a statement.
Looks good.<br><br>(Obviously it's a matter of personal taste, but I think the nails would have looked better on a birch or oak-effect Lack.)
Yes, I think that is a matter of personal taste. You could use any color you like, but I prefer the white for the higher gloss finish.
(I've just looked around my living/dining room, and it turns out Ikea outnumbers other manufacturers 12:2, and the &quot;2&quot; was second-hand...)

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