Picture of DIY Puzzel Cube ++
For this DIY project you will need 27 1 inch wooden cubes along with an assortment of wood glue and spray paint.  You may realize that this  design a directley related to that of infiniteOwl211 recent post. I belivieve infiniteOwl211 is not only one of the most profoundly original and creative men of our time but a true inspiration to us all. 

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Step 1: The First Step

Picture of The First Step
The first step: is to create two, 2 by 2 by 1 L shaped pieces as shown bellow ----- >

Step 2: The Second Step

Picture of The Second Step
The second step: is to create two  3 by 2 by 1 D shaped pices as shown bellow ------>

Step 3: The Third Step

Picture of The Third Step
The third step: is to create a 1 by 3 by 2 L  shaped piece as shown bellow  ------>

Step 4: The Forth Step

Picture of The Forth Step
The forth step: is to create  a 3 by 1 beam as shown bellow ------->

Step 5: The Fifth Step

Picture of The Fifth Step
The fifth and  final step: is to paint and assemble the cube as show bellow ------>