The solar tracker keeps our target illuminated for 8 hours a day enabling build temperatures exceeding 2100˚ Celsius, a new personal record.



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    nothing again

    Really, really cool. It makes me want to construct something like this and start creating some cool glass pieces. Only, I don't own my own home/property. So I guess I will only be able to admire from afar.


    Good thing to make some concentrate home heater. Ya know, some water pipe under the light during the winter :P

    This looks great but, if you don't mind my asking, where's the Instructable? :)

    old projection screen televisions. They're right behind the plastic screen. If you can, grab the projectors... they're useless for this project, but they go for $40 a piece on eBay. :V

    You can get a suitable lens for this exact project from the front of a large projection television.

    Oh, just a note on my earlier note. Lodge ( ) the guys who make cast iron dutch ovens and such may be interested in a fresnel lens thing to heat up their big pots (so people will cook with them over the summers and camping). I tried to make one with several smaller fresnel lenses, but no go. Perhaps one that is larger than my page magnifiers and smaller than your blast furnace one . . . Anyway, if you had a good design they might be interested in it.

    Hi. I was struck by the fabulosity of your foundry (I myself would have melted most of the household goods were I to have one to play with . . .). However,
    since I am looking to make cookies outside of my house in the summer, it is a bit much for my purpose. I am desirous of a solar oven that won't blow over (no big reflectors) be temperture controllable, and that one can safely leave for a few minutes. Having made the foundry, could you tell me if
    using several small Fresnel lenses might work for an oven? Say, each one focused on a Dutch oven with lid? I was hoping to get
    something less likely to blow over and that might be controlled easily
    with a Raspberry Pi (hopefully to be able to control the heat and not
    have to babysit it, having some simple gears to maneuver it as the son
    runs its course. If you wish to try this out I will buy the necessary
    Fresnel lenses and send them to you. Perhaps a simple dome of Fresnels
    over a clear hotbox, or an oven bag over a cast iron pot? I do know that Lodge Logic is interested in anything that might convince people to buy more of their pots, and those heavy iron pots would be good for lenses to heat up for cooking (as the iron will disperse the heat over the pot . . . ) Thanks for all your good work in any case!