Introduction: DIY Simple Pallet Christmas Trees

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In this Instructable, I will show you how to make some simple pallet Christmas trees from pallets. This is a real simple project, with limited tools. Hope you will enjoy.

Whats needed:


Blue Painters Tape


Green Paint and paint brush

Step 1: Layout

Picture of Layout

Take the Blue painters tape, and layout your tree pattern as shown in the pictures.

Note try and stay away from cutting the 2 x 4"s and any nails.

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting

Now take your Jigsaw and cut the inside of the Blue tape line.

After you have cut the top, flip the pallet over and cut right beside of the 2 x 4.

Step 3: Sand and Paint

Picture of Sand and Paint

Sand the rough cut parts and paint with your choice of colors, I used Green.

Step 4: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy

Now enjoy your simple pallet Christmas trees. If you wanted too, you could decorate once painted.

Hope everybody has a Merry Christmas

Thanks for checking out my Intructable.


NutzDad (author)2016-11-19

Well done. I also created a Pallet Tree, but put a simple cross pattern base on it for outside use. My wife attached lights with a staple gun. Tada !

Great job

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