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Introduction: DIY Sonobe Ball Lamp

I love this kind of folding. I tinker long time with this lamp, and finally this is the result.

I have used 80 gr. paper, is stable but not too heavy for hanging on a cable.

So here is the instruction. Please note, you need 30 of these elements, otherwise, you will not get a symmetric ball.

Step 1:

The paper is A4 (For Us: US Letter size) size per unit, which is cut into a square.

Step 2:

If my instruction for the folding is not clear enough, you can search for the Sonobe Triambic Icosahedron Ball (that's the correct term)

Step 3:

The most important thing at the end is to put the items together properly. It must always be plugged together three elements.

In order to keep track : You have to build a star with 5 of these three elements. If there should be only four your ball will be not straight. ;-)

Above where the cable is located, you could glue the units, so it's a little more stable. I've used a cable holder at this version, so that the lamp will be more stable.

Step 4:

It is important that you use energy saving lamp with not more than 30 watts or LED lamps in order to prevent the generation of heat. (EU Norm)

Step 5:

My heart always beats higher when I turn the light on. I think it looks really great!

If you use darker paper, the light coming through the holes, which also has a very pleasant effect.

Step 6:

Have fun! ;-)

You can see this instruction also in German on

This pictures are made by ludorn.



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Made a smaller one, great tutorial!


Oh...this is so awesome..loved how light is passing through each join. Beautiful :)

1 reply

Yes right? I love this one also very much! ;-)