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Introduction: DIY Synthetic Dreads: Transitionals

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Hey! Another tutorial for all you dread fans...
This one is how to make transitional dreads, or dreads that fade from one color to another. They're extrememly pretty and really aren't that hard to make once you get it down. Some of it can be a little tricky, but don't be intimidated!
So here's another neat little dread variation to mix up your awesome falls and extensions!
Off we go...

(This one, just like most the others, can be done with single or double ended dreads.)

Step 1: You Need...

The basics, same as always.

- Synthetic hair, two different colors this time ( I use kanekalon)
- Dread comb
- A hanger
- Scissors
- A pen (optional, you can do it without one)

And that's all.
So let's start..

Step 2: Starting

When making transitionals, your lengths will be different than normal. They go like this..
If you want to make a full length (long) dread, you need a 1/2 length of each color.
If you want a medium length dread, you need a 1/4 length amount of each color. This way the two colors will add up to the full length you want. (Check comparisons below, pic. 1)

Now take your two equal pieces ( I am making a medium length dread so I will be using 1/4 length sections,) and decide which one will be your top color. You'll want a little more hair in the top section and a little less in the bottom, but that doesn't matter much.

Okay. So you're going to start these the same way you would normally start any other dread.
Take your hanger, and wrap the synthetic hair around it. Make your knot. (Pic. 3) Then backcomb the top section just like you would any other dread. (Pic 4)
(Remember, for any basic help you can refer back to my original tutorial: )

Step 3: Transition

Next is the tricky part. You start the transition part here. What you want to do is make sure that your dread is backcombed tightly enough, so that it won't pull apart. Now you take your pen or finger either work, and poke a hole through the dread close to the bottom (pic. 1&2)

Take your second color and pull it through the hole you just made. (Pic. 3) Take it through all the way, and match up the ends of your second color so they're even.

Now you want to backcomb the second part, just like you did the first. The trick here is NOT to pull too hard on the second color, you don't want to pull it out of the first part. Backcomb all the way down to the tail just like a normal dreadie. (Pic. 4)

The hard part is over gang

Step 4: Twist and Finish

Last step. Twist the dread all the way down tightly, (pic. 1) and seal as usual.
*Links to sealing tutorials*
Straightener method:
Tea Kettle method: (coming soon, please check back)

After you seal the dread, you know you are done! Take a look at your new beautiful trasitional dread and check out my tutorial on installing them so you can really show them off!

Hope this helped, and as always feel free to ask question and happy DIYing!




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    ive been making synth dreadies for half a year and ive only make solids & candy cane twist. Happy i found this kick ass tutorial.

    Great tutorial, in the past ive cheated by buying tranisitional kk but now ive seen this im really keen to have a go using this method ? thanks

    5 years and still waiting on how to put them in ible >.> lol

    okai chicalette.... i need to know how to put these in. the other day, out of the random blue, my friend asked me to braid her hair with weave. i swear to GOD i didnt even tell her i was thinking of doing these dreads; it just came to perfectful fruition. i used a small bit of her hair (synthetic, not human like i originally planned) and it came out byootiful. the next day i got my hair. i have three bags of Yaki Braid (the kind i braided and experimented with) now all i need is the ible on how put them in once i finish making them all. XD

    6 replies

    O MI GAWD i was googling the dreadies, and i saw a curly version! my hair is naturally curly, so i think that would be amazing. and i saw this ible on google, too ; D

    I like that you said that because that is actually one of the tutorials I have in the works right now! I seriously have every single kind of dread you could make on the back burner of tutorials lol... So keep an eye out cuz I'll try and get that one up sooner than later! And also I am making a tutorial how to put them in... I'll hurry!

    i figured out how to put them in now... i just need to finish making them! im having issues keeping them curly, (not hot enough water?) so i think im going to keep them straight for the time being. i can always change them later. i just wanted to thank you ten times over for introducing me to dreadies. thanks x 10 lol

    Haha I'm glad you figured it out but yeah seriously I will get them up soon. So you can figure it out then. And for the curly ones, you have to start with a normal dread anyway so don't worry you'll just have most of your work done for you. But you are so welcome! Glad I could introduce you two lol... It really is one of the coolest little side project things in the world. My new job won't let me have them so I'm going to be dreadless for a good couple months.. :( :( :( I'm pissed.... But that doesn't mean you can't have fun with them lol! Enjoy.

    Ha! so, i finished, and have them in, and love them. Im making full length curlys next.

    I gota idea how about a Transitional candycane!!!

    4 replies

    That is such a sexy idea I have never thought of that before! I'm gonna see if I can make it happen and let you know!

    Ok thank you for trying my idea!;)

    No problem lol... I will let you know how it goes and tell you if I get a tutorial for them!

    Ok thanks:)

    That looks really cool, too bad I don't have dreds...

    4 replies

    Or is there something I'm missing here where you can somehow attach these to your hair?

    Yes, they are synthetic. Meaning fake. How else did you think you'd wear them lol? Can't you tell in the picture that they aren't attached to someones head lol

    Yeah, I got that. I meant how do you wear them. Do you like rubberband them on your hair with really small rubberbands?

    Yeah that exactly. But if you can hold on a few days, I'll have a tutorial up on EXACTLY how to do that! It's in the making right now I just need a few more pictures, but I can have it up asap if you would like to check back :)