Why not make your own table lamp? Not only is it fairly easy and cool, but it also makes for a great gift.

My boss was recently transfered to another function. Because of that, me and the other people I work with decided to make something to give her, so she could remember us by.
I thought that it would be a good idea to give her a tble lamp to decorate her house. And to really make the gift special, what better way than to do it ourselves?
Of course, since we are in the "aircraft business", we had to do something aircraft-themed. So I came up with a design that incorporates some fuel injectors that I already used in a previous project.

Step 1: Making the Base Structure

The main part of the lamp is the center body. Its shape is basically a pyramid with a triangular base, that transitions to a circle on the top. This way, the first thing to do was to build the base.

I built it out of a 0.8mm aluminium sheet. Besides cutting the outside shape, I also had to drill the holes for the bolts that will fix the injectors to the base, as well as the holes that allow the injectors to be mounted without interference. Finally, I had to drill a center hole to be used to pass the electrical cable.

As for the wire frame, it was attached to the base by means of eyelets that were made in each "leg", The top consists of a circle were the bulb socket will be fitted. For simplicity, one of the legs was used to form the circle, while the remaining two were attached to it by mean of eyelets. A gap was left to allow for future adjustments of the socket's fit.
<p>Hi! Question, what type of pens did you use and what was the black powder? </p>
How many fuel injectors you've got there in your local junk, I love those scrap fuel injectors. if you are going to have a junk open day tell us.
Unfortunately, we spent the last ones we had on this project. As for the junk open day, I believe that will be difficult to happen, just because of internal procedures. However, if we happen to have one, I'll be happy to let you know.
AWESOME!!! TY for sharing. 8)
That's an awesome leaving gift - far better than flowers or a voucher!

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