you need a mosfet KA7805

Solar Panel

usb rack

hot glue

and this my video ( update)

<p>Under the sun the hot glue not resist and you need two capacitor on the circuit,before and after transistor!!.with this solar panel you can not charge a smartphone.you must add a battery with charge regulator....the current out to lm7805 is too low for this usage.....with this solar panel. some phone need 1A or above......</p>
<p>Don't worry this small pane, will deliver 200-300mA if the sun is bright.</p><p>The 7805 is not suited for solar panels, look for the data sheet, it needs 7V to regulate to 5 v. Ther are special ICs for solar panels because they have a most effektive working point.</p><p>If you must buy the panel for a real price better look for a special Regulator which get all the juice from the panel.</p><p>And hot gluing the 7805 to the panel? He gets away with that because the Panel is to weak to heat the 7805 up.</p>
<p>thanks you so muchs :)</p>

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