Picture of DIY USB Multi Mobile charger & LED light

Such a Tiny, Yet marvellous Invention. A Promise to make the Mankind Glow (Pun Intended).
Here, I present a new Instructable using LEDs to create a versatile, Bright and universal light

These lights work on any standard 5V DC source Like USB ports or Mobile chargers. Other option is to rig up those to 4x AA cells.
In the Photo is a Selfmade Universal Charger that connects to USB port or Wall plug adapter and can charge 3 cellphones at once.

Step 1: Find Compatiable Pins

Picture of Find Compatiable Pins

We need some Mobile charger "adapter pins" as they're called here in India. They're just 10 Rupees a piece.

bhvm (author) 1 year ago

Just updated the Title to reflect the project a little better