DIY Undertale Frisk Cosplay (without Knitting)





Introduction: DIY Undertale Frisk Cosplay (without Knitting)

Hello, there! Here is an Instructable on how to make a DIY Frisk cosplay. For this project, you will need:

- A blue sweatshirt (here's a good one). Ideally, get it (slightly) oversized. The nice thing about this sweatshirt is that you can wear it anytime, with or without a shirt underneath.

- Purple fabric paint (one of these is more than enough) and a sponge/regular paintbrush.

- Red fabric for the heart that represents the soul (this is optional). (If you can't find red fabric, here's an alternative. I used an old sock from an airline.)

- Red thread and a needle.

- Scissors.

- Duct tape.

- B pencil to make some marks.

- Blue pants (jeans will do).

Step 1: Add the Duct Tape

First, use your duct tape to outline the stripes of the dimension of your choice. This is to prevent the paint from smudging everywhere. Three strips of duct tape should be enough.

Step 2: Add the Paint

Now, add your purple paint, using either a regular brush or a sponge brush. Use the tape to paint the edges properly. Let the paint dry completely (30 minutes to 1 hour is a safe amount of waiting time). Fabric paints are permanent, so beware of spillage or accidental stains!

Step 3: Cut Out the Heart-soul

Cut out a square of fabric and fold it in half. With the B pencil, mark half of the heart directly onto the fabric. Cut out your shape and unfold. If you aren't using fabric, or aren't planning to add a heart-soul to your sweater, skip this step.

Step 4: Sew the Heart-soul Onto Your Fabric

With your red thread and needle, sew the heart-soul. Be careful not to sew the front of the sweater to the back! Idea: You could use the heart-soul as a chest pocket.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 on the Back

On the back this time, repeat steps 2 and 3. Be sure to align the three strips of duct tape with the frontal stripes for straight and consistent stripes. Let the paint dry.

Step 6: Add Jeans, and You're Done!

Wear your jeans and admire your work! Follow any additional steps directed by the fabric paint. I suggest short, unattached brown hair to complete your cosplay.

Thanks for viewing this instructable! Feel free to share it with anyone. For any suggestions, write them down in the comment section!



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    Hello there, and first of all thank you for making such a wonderful tutorial. I was wondering how thick the sweater you purchased was? My sister and I are doing a Frisk/Chara cosplay at the end of June, but I was worried about us overheating.

    question. is it a big cosplay event like comic con and where is it. get back asap

    there's a DragonCon in September if your interested

    Thanks :) As for the sweatshirt, it isn't thivk, but it will keep you warm... If you're going to attend an air-conditioned event, you should be fine, but if you're going to be wearing it outside in June, you will get quite stuffy (based on my judgment of the inner material). It really depends on where you're going to be!

    I am looking as cosplays to do for a con soon and since my hair looks like frisks i might just do frisk and also undertale is a amazing game!

    Good luck for the con, and have fun!

    Question... Will the project work on a t shirt?

    Using a t-shirt instead of a sweatshirt works as well. Fabric paint works on all kinds of fabrics, so there's no problem :)