This is a simple project, it only need few pieces of cardboard and glue. Your cat will love this cardboard toy.

Step 1: What you need

- 2mm thick cardboad
- glue
- scissors
- compass
<p>can I haz that cat?</p>
Your cat is so cute
<p>That is waaayyyy too much work!</p>
<p>you could totally make these hollow and fill them with a cheesecloth bag full of catnip for extra cat fun</p>
<p>Awesome idea. Kinda simulates a yarn ball. I'm making one.</p>
<p>good luck</p>
That is a great idea! It might be stronger and keep its shape better if you rotate every other layer by 90 degrees.
<p>Good thought.</p>
<p>Love those crazy bunny kick eyes! :D</p><p>It's a definite upgrade from the aluminum foil ball my cats like so much!</p>
<p>I made it!not so round,but they like it!thanks so much:)</p>
<p>Spray valerian extract on it, she'll stick on it the whole week!</p>
i like it and your cat is adorable.
<p>bunny kick! bunny kick!</p><p>Must make one for my cats!</p>
Great!I like it!
I'm going to make them. My dogs will shred them. Oh well, it was already trash.
<p>Great idea! Nice and light too I would imagine. </p><p>Also yeah the kitten really is irresistible too. :)</p>
<p>Aw, your kitten is adorable! </p>

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