Picture of DIY eco friendly cardboard ball for cat
This is a simple project, it only need few pieces of cardboard and glue. Your cat will love this cardboard toy.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
- 2mm thick cardboad
- glue
- scissors
- compass

Step 2: The template

Picture of The template
First, you draw out your circle at the size you want. Then divided it into layers, each layer has the thickness of your cardboard.
After that, measure the length radius of each circle you're about to draw

Step 3: Make the sphere

Picture of Make the sphere
Cut out each circle and glue it correctly. At first it doesn't look like a sphere but as it does, it will.You can put a heavy object on to let the glue set.
When you complete, you might need to squeeze it a little to make it look more like a sphere

Step 4: Let your cat play

Picture of Let your cat play
The title say it all!

That is waaayyyy too much work!

weish23 days ago

you could totally make these hollow and fill them with a cheesecloth bag full of catnip for extra cat fun

Attmos10 months ago

Awesome idea. Kinda simulates a yarn ball. I'm making one.

Shizen (author)  Attmos10 months ago

good luck

Todd Gehris12 months ago
That is a great idea! It might be stronger and keep its shape better if you rotate every other layer by 90 degrees.
Attmos Todd Gehris10 months ago

Good thought.

jessyratfink10 months ago

Love those crazy bunny kick eyes! :D

It's a definite upgrade from the aluminum foil ball my cats like so much!

yarson made it!11 months ago

I made it!not so round,but they like it!thanks so much:)

bricobart12 months ago

Spray valerian extract on it, she'll stick on it the whole week!

shankybatra12 months ago
i like it and your cat is adorable.
eilu12 months ago

bunny kick! bunny kick!

Must make one for my cats!

丁玎丶shine12 months ago
Great!I like it!
jmwells12 months ago
I'm going to make them. My dogs will shred them. Oh well, it was already trash.
Treasure Tabby12 months ago

Great idea! Nice and light too I would imagine.

Also yeah the kitten really is irresistible too. :)

Aw, your kitten is adorable!