DIY External DVD-Drive





Introduction: DIY External DVD-Drive

The EeePC and I'm sure some other netbooks come with a recovery DVD - problem is that netbooks (understandably) don't have an internal DVD drive, so being me I didn't want to go out and buy an external one, because I simply wouldn't have any use for it . instead, I started looking around for stuff I had laying round the house...

I happen to be using a case and drive with IDE connectors, but SATA should also work

Step 1: What You Need

- Old unused external HDD/HDD enclosure (or a used one if you want a temporary external Drive)
- Unused DVD drive
- Screwdriver
- Patience

Notice that the connectors inside the enclosure must match the connectors on the DVD Drive for it to work. I happened to have an old IDE drive and an old external HDD which is also IDE connected. I don't know about the modern ones, but i guess it would also work with SATA.

Step 2: Disassembly

Unscrew then open the external harddrive enclosure and slide the mounting bracke
after that you should be presented with somthing like what you see on the second picture.

Step 3: Assemble the Whole Thing

the next step is pretty simple - just put everything together - not really much to look out for.
after you have everything connected, set up the boot priotiry on yout netbook to USB and voila! - you now have an external USB DVD-Drive and can install all the great programs and old games on your netbook.



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    could you just connect a power transfer on to the DVD module

    1 reply

    can I connect it to a USB instead of ide?

    yupp, I restored my eeepc and installed office 2007 with it.

    Really good guide and has many uses, like installing windows 7 or an OS of your choice to a cheap netbook.

    After this setup, can i hook it on to a TV via usb and does this drive be seen on a TV, like maybe save some movies on the hard drive and play the same to the tv??

    I tried this with 3 different SATA drives, 1 (dvd writer) didnt work. The other two did work! 

    1 reply

    I think you need to put the DVD's jumper into master

    I looked on ebay and found a ide to usb device. you can use that is you have a power supply.

     Nice man!

    I was about to pay about £40 for one of those! Now i can get another thing to install on my little netbook as well 

    1 reply

    you're welcome :)


    I'd put the word "IDE" in the intro to the Instructable.

    3 replies

    works the same way with sata drives

    Only if you start with a SATA enclosure. But that's my two cents. Good instructable overall, I think i'll try making one.

    well... yeah, i assumed it would be self-explainatory, but yeah - have fun making it :)

    nice, but typo: on the first page it should say internal, not external, but very useful instructable. But for those who are looking for a cheap solution, while this is certainly cheap, you can also get an external drive ffrom dealextreme for 40 bucks, just letting people know. This is a good alternative, and the best alternative to an expensive 100 dollar external drive.

    1 reply

    thanks for the tip, edited it also, nothing beats a real, cheap external drive but i thought it's nice to know you have a cheap and dirty possibility on your hands :)