This Instructable shows you how to build a volcano. If you need a neat decoration for a party or play then try this volcano. It has a wood frame with chicken wire covered with brown craft paper to give a rocky look. Paint some lava down the side and add some plastic plants and you have it. Leave a hole at the top for a pan of water with hot ice in it to look like smoke or use a CO2 fire extinguisher to give a few blasts of smoke and noise.

<p>Does this site show you step by step instructions/pics?</p>
<p>Hi Susana,</p><p>I am sorry there are no other steps to be shown. This Instructable was originally posted as just a photo Instructable with no step-by-step. You can get some idea of the size (about 8' high) from the photos. The frame was covered with cheap chicken wire that can be pushed and pulled into different shapes for the rocky sides and then covered with brown craft paper or some other material you deem appropriate. The frame poles would fold in to make it easy to transport. I hope this gives you an idea that you can work with. If I can answer any other questions don't hesitate to ask.</p><p>Lester </p>
<p>I need a working model. Would it work using a brown plastic tarp so an eruption can be created and then it can be reused? </p>
It's like a craft paper tipi. My favorite source for volcanoes is the view off my porch though. (Not really. There's an ill-placed house blocking my view. But I still know they're there.)

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