Picture of Daddy Daughter D6 Ring
She is more beautiful than music, gentler than warm air.
She gets twigs and wildflowers caught in her hair and she leaps into my arms just like she did back when she was littler and I was stronger.

She is also into dragons, big time. She loves MTG cards, though neither of us really knows how to play. I figure D&D will be the next phase she will go through. So why not be prepared with a 6-sided die... ring?
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Step 1: Life is not black and white: D6

Picture of Life is not black and white: D6
There are so many trivial decisions to be made in the course of a day. When life is too subtle for coin flips, roll a D6!

You will need:

A brass nut larger diameter than your finger (but not much larger) ($1.55)

A socket that will fit it

A drill and bits

A round file or round grinding stone

A center punch ($5)


Total cost for me was $7.34

First you should freehand the dots onto the sides with a Sharpie where you want the number divots to be. I decided that I wanted the faces to be more gem-like and not overtly dice-like so I planned my own divot layout.

The sides should have a specific order so that no consecutive numbers are adjacent but the opposite sides should add up to 7. From left to right as you go around the ring you should see: 1, 5, 3, 6, 2, 4. This took us an embarrassingly long time to figure out.

Second use a center punch to put divots into the marks. This is an important step because these divots will keep the drill bit from skipping over the faces, marring them.

If you don't have a center punch then I hope you'll buy one. They are indispensable and only cost about $5. You could keep one in your glove box in case of emergency-- nothing would break a car window better than a spring-loaded center punch.

I have been thinking about making a ring out of a nut. thanks for the ideas.

Thanks for the inspiration! I made a pair of rings that articulate:

inkbladder1 year ago
I love this. I used to carry a die in my pocket to settle arguments between my kids. One was born in an even year, the other odd. Whichever the die landed on "won". I lost it in a park a while back and never replaced it. I think I'll make this for all three of us. Very cool idea. Thanks.
Second Prize! Congratulations!
To answer all questions, yes, I am his daughter! I wear it as a pinky ring. ;)
HollyMann1 year ago
Congrats on being a finalist - all the prizes for this competition are AWESOME! Good job!
donedirtcheap (author)  HollyMann1 year ago
Oh, thank you for noticing. The prizes are rivaled only by the excellent entries and I'm thrilled to be a finalist. *doffs hat*
Well you deserve it! :) And you have a very lucky daughter there!
AmyCat591 year ago
They look great, and such a cool project to do for your child!
One question: how well do they roll? Do they usually land with a numbered side up, or on their sides with the finger-hole up?
(Even if they don't roll well enough to use regularly for gaming, I know MANY gamers who'd love rings like this just for display!)
donedirtcheap (author)  AmyCat591 year ago
Correct. Modern brass is safe to wear. The warning about copper is funny, considering how many people wear pure copper bracelets for their health benefits.
Copper and brass are safe,we drink water that flows through pipe of copper as well as brass fittings.I as a plumber I believe its more safe than the cpvc plastic that is being installed for water now days.
donedirtcheap (author)  AmyCat591 year ago
After taking high speed video I found that it loses its roll and flops on the side when it's on one of the corners. To eliminate that I rounded off the corners just a bit. That helped. Without that mod they flop about half the time. I had to play with how to best roll them so they wouldn't flop.
Thank you for the encouragement. I'm glad they pleased you.
Z0M8I31 year ago
Thank you very much for this great idea. I seen this shared on Facebook through instructables page. I loved the idea soo much I went out right after and picked up some supplies and made one for my daughter and self. She recently got into miniature gaming and requested a themed cake.Today is her 8th birthday and she LOVES the ring. It was just the thing I was looking to give her!
donedirtcheap (author)  Z0M8I31 year ago
That makes me so happy. Thanks for letting me know.
al_packer1 year ago
Bear in mind that one of the components of brass is lead, so you should not wear the rings for any extended period of time. (Copper also--remember that it's used to kill the critters that try to attach to the hull of your boat.)
Is this still the case? I know many alloys *used* to have lead (e.g.: pewter, which is why you should never drink from an antique pewter tankard if you haven't lead-tested it), but since the '70s a lot of lead "additives" have been banned, at least in the U.S.A.
Spokehedz1 year ago
How did you get the little secondary divots in each hole? That looks so cool, almost like there is a gemstone in each one.
donedirtcheap (author)  Spokehedz1 year ago
Thanks. Since they are brass they were soft enough for a brad point drill bit which gave a little more gem-like dot than a standard twist bit would. You're the only one to notice. It's the little (cheap) details that make all the difference, right?
Oh man that is BRILLIANT! I bet if you were super careful, with a very fine tipped needle in a 1cc syringe you could put a tiiiiiiiiny dot of nail polish/lacquer in that little divot that would make it look like a gemstone. I mean they look like stones already, but that would just be icing on the cake.
paigeypoo1 year ago
OMG i wanted to make them with my dad and he said he will make me one but he wont where one because his fingers are to big still very cool
donedirtcheap (author)  paigeypoo1 year ago
I hope he does make you one. They are very useful and pretty. Thanks for the compliment!
Nick705871 year ago
Did you use some sort of jig to hold the bolt while boring out the finger hole?
Since it is a hexagon, it has flat, parallel sides. A vice or a clamp would work well for holding it. But I wouldn't go all the way through one side. Go half way, flip, and then go the rest of the way. You'll make a smoother outer edge.
donedirtcheap (author)  Nick705871 year ago
Oh, yes. I mentioned the socket that fit the nut for that purpose, though I didn't describe the process well. I found that the easiest way to bore the inside was to hold the nut with a box wrench, go halfway through and flip it over. That made a pretty poor picture so I left the wrench out. I should've made it more clear. Thanks for asking!
packrat6661 year ago
very cool
That is awesome, I may have to give this one a try =D
Oh, So very cool
RushFan1 year ago
Very nice, well done!
That's cool, an impromptu visit to Bunnings might be in order.
shazni1 year ago
Really lovely ! Your daughter must be proud of her daddy :-)
Beetloaf1 year ago
As a gamer who's recently gotten into DIY culture, this 'ible is completely my (dice)bag. Awesome job!
HollyMann1 year ago
Awesome! So sweet - your inspiration for many of your projects is your daughter! Love it! These look really cool..I like the 2nd picture!