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dizzbeyolo1 year ago
you are the lamest person on the planet (LAME azz NIqqA)
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iceng1 year ago
Thanks for following.
Really enjoyed reading your Zombie Verisimilitude ible..
Hey, thanks so much for following me!! Seems like you're kind of a big deal on here with all of your high traffic instructables - good for you and your smart pants! Steph :)
donedirtcheap (author)  The Steph Show1 year ago
Do you find that documenting is the hardest part? When I finish one thing I wanna go on to the next make right away, not edit photos and write i'bles. But I love how popular the site is becoming, don't you?
Loving your work in my slightly walleyed way...
Yes! I absolutely agree with you - it can be almost painful to document or re-cap my last creation when there are so many shiny things that require my immediate attention. This site IS amazing and I'm completely in love with it! Your photos are excellent, they look very professional - are you just ridiculously talented or is it all in the equipment?
Hey DDC, thanks for following! I have to say, I almost laugh out loud everytime I see the picture for your Tincloth Instructable.
shazni1 year ago
hey Thanks for following! hope i post more instructables to your liking :-)
and congratulations on your win!
sabu.dawdy1 year ago
congrats on the achievement *tincloth*
shazni1 year ago
hey...since you loved the lotus lamp...thought you might like this's much easier :-D
lindarose922 years ago
Thank you for following me! :)
donedirtcheap (author)  lindarose922 years ago
Perhaps a collaboration is in order, in that case. Warning: I get bored with things pretty much as soon as I understand them. Do you? Does that explain the eclecticity of your 'ibles?
Exactly! I can't believe it is so evident lol. I like to experiment new things all the time and the "bigger" they are, the more exciting it is for me (that's why I started making lamps). Sometimes I try to use the same technique to create something but I get really bored and end up doing nothing at all!
I think a collaboration would be fun, unfortunately I am from Italy and I am not sure if that could be an obstacle, but if you have any ideas let me know!
donedirtcheap (author)  lindarose922 years ago
Oh, it is my pleasure, lindarose. I figured that I may as well follow you since I seem to be clicking on everything you post anyway. I am very impressed.
Aw it means a lot to me! I was looking at your instructables just now and I see so many interesting things (the pizza eruption looks SO delicious! :D) so you have a new follower now! :) I noticed that you work on a good variety of projects too and that's even more interesting to me!