Damask Polymer Clay Pendants!
It's easy to make these colorful pendants!
When all was said and done...I liked the damask ones the BEST!

Step 1: Supplies!

You just need oven bake clay, like this white sculpey. 
(and an oven, of course)
Rolling pin or dowel
Patterned rubber stamps
A circle cookie cutter
a straw
and Paint
<p>Really pretty!!</p>
<p>I'm not sure I understand the painting part. Where am I dabbing paint? </p><p>Is there a video of this technique?</p>
this is a great tutorial! i would definitely try this!i just have one question.what paint did you use?thanks
Thanks!<br>It's just regular craft acrylic paint--easy peasy! :)
<p>Very beautiful! Your instructions make the project seem easy enough for me to do. Thank you for such a fun and great instructable. </p><p>Beth</p>
<p>so pretty ... :)</p>
<p>So simple to make and so pretty. Thank you.</p>
<p>I love these pendants! I made buttons for a sweater using the same method. I'm wondering what I should put on the buttons to seal in the paint. I have some liquid varnish (comes in a tube just like the acrylic paint) I use for tole painting. Would that work on polymer clay? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!</p>
<p>Thanks a bunch for this tutorial!! I've been making these pendants like mad!! And your photography looks fantastic too :) Love the colors and evrything about this tutorial.</p>
<p>Beautiful and well done</p>
<p>Love the colors. They look so cool!</p>
<p>congratulations..! these pendants are really beautiful :D</p>
<p>Yay! Congratulations on being a finalist!!</p>
<p>Really nice... pretty colors! Great choices. </p>
<p>Beautiful!!! Can't wait to make them at home! I made some lace pendants like this but they didn't turn out super well.</p>
I love your work! I'm your #1 fan!!!!!!
<p>Thank you so much for this 'ible! I have some of this clay, and goodness knows I am over run with paint supplies! You have laid everything out so simply and clearly, I am going to have to give this a try. Love your use of colors!</p>
<p>I love the colors you have used! Looks great :-)</p>
<p>Ooh, these looks great! This technique could definitely be used to make a lot of different things! </p>
These look amazing! Question where did you get the paisley stamp
<p>Thank you! I got the background stamps from Simonsaysstamp. </p><p>http://www.simonsaysstamp.com/servlet/the-30977/damask-IO-Cling-Stamp/Detail</p>
<p>Nice project!</p>
I love these! They're really simple and look fantastic!!
Oh these look fantastic!! :D
<p>Love'em! love the colors and the designs! </p>
They look really nice! You painted them so well.

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